SimsAThon Round 2 Announcement!!!


The Sims-A-Thon readathon is being hosted by Kara @ biancareads. It’s running from the 1st-31st October. This readathon will be based on The Sims 4, but even if you don’t play the sims you can still join in! In all future rounds we’ll be adding expansion and game packs. This round we’ll be including challenges based on Outdoor Retreat!!! You can watch Kara’s video below where she goes into all the details and rules about the readathon and challenges:

I’m so excited to announce that, as well as making the graphics, I’m a co-host for this round along with some other amazing people: Amanda @ Amanda D, Aofie @ Pretty Purple DotsApril @ Aprilius Maximus, Becky @ Remus Reads, Brandy @ Brandy Kirby, Faith @ geekyzoogirl, Paige @ Bernard95PaigeShaki @ Looking For Shaki and Valerie @ justbreatheinbooks!!! Make sure to check them out on all their platforms 💕

Something else new and exciting for this round of SimsAThon is that we have a dedicated Twitter and Instagram account. Make sure to follow both of those for reading sprints and upcoming Instagram challenges!

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simsathon-02simsathon-02Simsathon Outdoor Retreat

You can find full size HQ versions of these challenge sheets here.

You can complete as many or as little challenges as you want! You’re allowed to do the same challenge multiple times with different books. The only rule is that you can’t use the same book for multiple challenges, but really it’s up to you to interpret everything!

If you participated in SimsAThon last round you can keep continuing with that challenge or you can start over again. For every 10 points you earned last round you get to use the new MOTHERLODE feature and make a challenge worth double points. 

You don’t have to keep track of points either if you don’t wish to, but if you’d like to keep track I created a spreadsheet. It’s now been updated to include the new Outdoor Retreat challenges.


Sims-A-Thon Spreadsheet: Google Sheets

If you decide you want to participate and would like to share your progress on social media (use the hashtag #simsathon) I made some little card things that you can create your own sim for ect. There’s a JPEG version that you can edit on Canva or other editors and there’s also a PSD for photoshop.

cardPSD version


We all hope you’ll be able to join us for this round!

Feel free to let me know if you plan on participating! Stay tuned for my TBR 📚✨

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day.

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28 thoughts on “SimsAThon Round 2 Announcement!!!

  1. Hey there! It’s been a while since I got around to reading (don’t even get me started on reading blogs. Or writing!), life has been crazy. However, this readathon sounds amazing and I might just participate for the heck of it, for fun and (likely) to fail miserably. 😀


      1. Hey hey 😀 I’ve had some struggles going on the past two years that I only just settled like this month so I may finally, actually find time to do fun stuff again 😀 Missed the blogging-sphere and reading posts so much! ^_^


        1. ohhh i totally get that. i’m sorry things haven’t been great for you, but i hope everything stays settled 💖 but yes i hope you’re able to find some time! deciding to get back into blogging and reading has honestly made me so happy, i forgot how much i missed it 😊

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, sorry 😅 That’s totally understandable. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll definitely incorporate that with the next round and try and make the layout a little more understandable 😊

      Essentially though you basically start by choosing between Create a Sim or Choose a Household. If you choose create a sim you can then build a household and do the challenges underneath or skip straight to the Live Mode Challenges. If you select Choose a Household then you can buy a house and renovate it or skip to Live Mode. You can read books for all the subcategories or just skip straight to Live Mode! You might be interested in Kara’s original announcement video which explains the original challenges in more detail:

      I hoped that help clear things up a little? Thank you again and I hope you’re able to join us 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I found out about this challenge in the previous round, thanks to you too, and I found it soooooo intriguing and engaging! I love point systems, plus those graphics are soooo nice, they motivate me a lot but to be honest it feels soooo complicated for me,like I am so lost with how everything works because there are just SO MANY THINGS.
    Will you be setting a TBR or seeing how it goes?


    1. Aww thank you, Anna 💖 And ahh that’s understandable, I think I would be a little confused too if I hadn’t created the graphics and been involved with the orginsation because there are a lot of options 😂!!!

      Basic gists of it though is that you start by choosing either create a sim or choose a household. if you decide to choose create a sim you then you go to build a house. you can then do the other challenges under that if you want or you can skip straight to the live mode challenges. if you decide to choose choose a household you go to buy a house and can then choose to do renovate or go straight to the live mode. with the live mode and careers you can do as many or as little as you want in any order you wish! same as the extra outdoor retreat challenges. does that make it a bit easier to understand?

      I think I’m going to have a vague idea for TBR for some of the main challenges like create a sim etc. then I’m just gonna mood read and see what fits what. i think that’s one of the good things about this challenge is that there’s so many options just about anything you read will be able to counted 😀

      If you decide to join that would be amazing otherwise if not that’s all good too 💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have only played Sims a couple of times and it was ages ago because I never had the games myself so I wasn’t sure how many ‘challenges’ were necessary either.

        Wow, thank you for this explanation! I actually went ahead and read some of your other comments in here, where you also explained the readathon, after commenting, and it became much clearer; it felt too overwhelming before.

        I have a big TBR already for the rest of the year and I’m trying to see how it might work for this because it sounds like so much fun and I need some motivation, but I’m not sure I can make all of this 😦

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahh that’s fine! I definitely understand it’s one of the more ‘complicated’ readathons out there 😂 Also I can see how it would be a little harder to follow if you don’t play the sims regularly.

          I’m glad I managed to make it a little easier to understand! It’s totally cool if you aren’t able to join in, we get that it’s not going to fit everyone’s plans 😀 Even if your existing TBR fits any of the challenges then still feel free to jump in when/if you can. If not, maybe you’ll be able to join us next round 💖


  3. Ohmygosh I love love LOVE the idea behind this Readathon – I recently got addicted to Sims4 so this makes my heart so happy!! 😍 If it wasn’t for the fact that my exams are hiding just around the corner, I’d 10000% join – maybe I’ll be able to do the next one?

    💛 Ngoc


    1. right, it’s combining two of my favourite things! thanks so much, ngoc that’s totally understandable!! there’s definitely plans for there to be lots of future rounds so hopefully you can join us next time 💖 Good luck for your exams too!! I’m sure you’ll ace them though 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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