My Anticipated Releases for the Rest of the Year

Most Anticipated Reads

When will I read these books? Who knows. I’m still going to get excited about them though! Like always it’s guaranteed that there’s a hyped series release not here and that’s because I’m terrible at reading series and probably haven’t caught up. All release dates are taken from Goodreads and could change.  



The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams || Paranromal || I’ve heard some mixed things about this, but I’m still excited because like the cover is literally my aesthetic and a babysitter’s club that fights evil to try and keep the world safe? Yeah, thanks!

The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring || Horror || A haunted finishing school built on cursed land in South America. I don’t even need to know anything else. The main character becomes a teacher their to escape a military regime and one of students go missing so she has to explore the house and find out what secrets it’s hiding.

The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones || Fantasy || This is about a girl’s family who are gravediggers. After her parents death she has to take over. The dead don’t stay dead though and corpses rise from the ground as the result of a curse.


Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall || Horror || Anything that uses Blair Witch as a descriptor is a must read for me. This town has a legend about a ghost Lucy Gallows. The main character’s sister disappeared a year ago and she receives a message asking her to play the game and find Lucy Gallows. She’s convinced this will give her answers about her missing sister. Her and her friends grab a camera and go into the woods and I’m guessing it doesn’t end well.

SLAY by Brittney Morris || Contemporary || As someone who wants to work in the tech industry books dealing with those elements automatically interest me. This is about a black girl who’s created a really popular game, but no one knows she’s the one behind it. Someone is murdered over the game and the main character has to deal with the fall out. It seems like it’s going to delve into a lot of important issues like racism.

The Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick Riordan || Fantasy || This is the fourth book in the Trials of Apollo series so I can’t say TOO MUCH, but I’m really excited to be back at Camp Jupiter and see my girl Reyna 😍 I really hope this has a happy ending, but knowing Rick Riordan and what happened in The Burning Maze my heart will definitely be broken.


Grab a snack, kids. Apparently every book ever is being released in October and ya girl wants to read ALL of them.


Michigan vs. the Boys by Carrie S. Allen || Contemporary || You know I need ALL the sports book. This is about a girl whose school has axed the girls’ hockey team so she’s trying to join the boys’ team. One of my favourite niche topics is toxic masculinity in sports and that’s what this book deals with so I can’t wait.

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky || Horror || Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my all time favourite books and I’m so happy Stephen Chbosky has written something new! I’m definitely aware this is going to be really different, but horror is my favourite genre so I’m pumped. I don’t really know much about this except a kid is hearing voices telling him to build something in the woods?

The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake || Contemporary || This just feels like it’s going to be really poetic and have a really great atmosphere? I’m all for eerie towns and people searching for shipwrecks. There’s queer rep, but I’m not sure on specific labels. I think there’s a F/F relationship!

Now Entering Addamsville by Francesca Zappia || Contemporary || I’m so excited for this! I loved Eliza and her Monsters and can’t wait to read something new from Francesca Zappia. A girl is accused of murder and she has to try and clear her name. There’s also ghost hunters and (potentially?) ghosts involved. I’m so here for it!


Resurrection Girls by Ava Morgyn || Fabulism || A girl befriends her new neighbour and finds out she writes to prisoners’ on death row and joins her. She finds out that this new girl’s family has a darkness they’re hiding and according to Goodreads is “strange, magical and possibly deadly“.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo || ????? || I think everyone has this in their lists but 🤷🏻‍♀️. I loved Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, but wasn’t a fan of Shadow and Bone. I’m really hyped to see Leigh Bardugo write a book that’s more based in contemporary than high fantasy. The genre is just a bunch of question marks because I have NO IDEA what to class this book as. It seems like it’s going to have so many different elements. Anyway, the main reason why I want to read it is because DARK ACADEMIA AND CULTS!!! I really hope this is as dark as everyone says.

Into the Crooked Place by Alexandra Christo || Fantasy || I enjoyed To Kill A Kingdom so much more than I thought I would and I’m hoping this book will be just as fun. It gives me a Six of Crows vibes with dark magic and misfit criminal characters having to come together to save their home.

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett || Dystopian || When girls turn 16 they’re taken are to the woods to be “cleansed” of “powers” they have that are supposed to seduce men and drive other women ‘mad with jealousy’. The main character has to try and survive the elements, the other girls and poachers who are trying to sell them on the black market. This seems like it’s going to deal with feminism and the way society pits women against each other so I’m really interested to see how it’s handled.


I Know You Remember by Jennifer Donaldson || Thriller || I’m trash for YA thrillers. A girl returns to her home town after being away for three years and finds out that her childhood best friend is missing and she’s determined to find out what happened.

The Athena Protocol by Shamim Sarif || Thriller || A girl is a member of an organisation that consists of female spies who are vigilantes. That’s literally all I need to know, but I’ll talk about it more. The main character kills someone even though that’s against the group’s rules. She’s determined to be part of a huge mission they have coming up and starts her own investigation. She has to deal with danger from that as well as the other girls hunting her. Goodreads has this shelved as LGBT, but I’m not sure what the representation specifically is!

Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett || Contemporary || This is about a black teen dealing with being HIV positive. She gets in a relationship and has to try and work out how she’s going to tell the guy she’s dating. Then she finds a note in her locker from someone who knows that she has HIV and threatens to tell the entire school unless she stops seeing him. Goodreads has this shelved as LGBT, but again I’m not sure of the specifics.

The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek by Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal || Horror || Honestly, I mainly want to read this because Rhett & Link wrote it. It does sound like a really interesting premise, though! The main characters are called Rex and Leif 😂 so I know it’s probably going to have a lot of humour that R&L are known for on Good Mythical Morning. It’s about a reformatory school that heaps of kids have gone missing from over the decades and the main characters’ friend is sent there. They have to find out what’s happening and end up having to battle ‘an evil beyond their wildest dreams’.



Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw || Paranormal || Even though I was underwhelmed by The Wicked Deep, I loved the writing style and the atmosphere. I’m really hoping I get that and more with Winterwood. It’s about a haunted and magical woods surrounding a town and a girl who’s rumoured to be a witch. She finds a boy who went missing and should be dead and she has to uncover a bunch of secrets to find out what really happened.

The Last to Die by Kelly Garrett || Thriller || I mostly want to read this because it reminds me of one of my favourite music videos by The Maine. It’s about a group of teens who break into each other’s homes and steal things that can be replaced as a game. Then one of them ends up dead and they have to figure out what happened.

Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater || Fabulism || I’m complete and utter trash for The Raven Cycle (but I totally acknowledge it has issues) and ever since Maggie Stiefvater announced she was writing a spin off series focused around Ronan (who’s my fave 🥰) I needed it immediately. I’m so excited and nervous to read this. I hope it’s amazing. I hope nothing happens to my fave trashy boy.

The Witches are Coming by Lindy West || Non-Fiction || I’ve been meaning to read more non-fiction books about feminism and this sounds like a good one! I’m not sure how to describe it, but here’s what Goodreads says: “a brilliant and incisive look at how patriarchy, intolerance, and misogyny have conquered not just politics but American culture itself.”



Scared Little Rabbits by A.V. Geiger || Thriller || A girl gets accepted into a prestigious academy. A student goes missing and the tech trail for the crime leads back to the main character. Again, I want to read this because it mentions the main character is a coder.

Reverie by Ryan La Sala || Fantasy || This is an #ownvoices fantasy (the main character is gay) who’s trying to put his life back together. The fantasy element sounds really intriciate, but I think people can create their own worlds called “reveries” and they have the potential to go bad quickly. There’s also apparently a drag queen sorceress? Which sounds awesome as heck. This just sounds like a really unique concept so!

The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters || Thriller ||  In the 90s a group of friends were obsessed with macabre things like serial killers and imaginary monsters. They told a story about “the Red Lady”. One of the girls starts insisting the Red Lady is real and she ends up getting killed. Thirty years later the main character gets a necklace in the mail and she has to confront the past she’s been trying to avoid – that she killed her friend and now someone else knows.


What are some of your most anticipated releases for the rest of this year?

Are you anticipating any of the books I mentioned? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I hope I made your TBRs grow 😈 and that you’re all having a fantastic day.

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23 thoughts on “My Anticipated Releases for the Rest of the Year

  1. I better catch up with Rick Riordan’s books sometime… I have been priorizing Cassandra Clare’s but next year it should be his year.

    I feel the same way when I think about Ninth House because it has so many elements. I am quite nervous because of how much I’ve loved her other works and how different this one is. I definetely trust her though.

    I was very excited when Call Down the Hawk was announced and I couldn’t wait for it to be out because Pynch but since I read The Raven King my interest has gone down A LOT. I don’t think I’m gonna pick it up.

    Btw, very cute graphics 🙂


    1. I feel like the reason why I’m so bad at being up to date with other series is because I’m up to date with Rick’s books 🤣

      I feel like this might be my favourite Leigh book, but that also makes me nervous because I’m wondering if I’m putting too much hype on it? I really hope we both love it!

      Ahhh, I’m sorry to hear that 😢, but I totally understand! There’s not enough time to read books you’re not passionate about it.

      Thanks so much, Anna 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well I’ve just added about 10 books to my TBR 🤣! The books I’m most excited about at the ninth house and the grace year. I’ve yet to read anything by Leigh Bardugo but I’ve heard good things


  3. OMG, I’m excited for all of these ❤ And yes, October is going to be THAT month where I'm going broke because I need all the books releasing in that month. Super excited for Ninth House, Slay, Into The Crooked Place and Winterwood. I'm currently reading an eARC of The Grace Year and it's amazing 🙂


  4. YES to so many of these! Babysitters Coven wasn’t for me, unfortunately but that was mostly because I had different expectations for it. I know a lot of people really liked it, and I hope you do too! 🙂 And I love the question marks for Ninth House! I’m…honestly not sure what I’ll be getting into with that book, except that it sounds really dark (from all the CWs I’ve read) and I’m all for that. 😀


    1. Sorry to hear it wasn’t for you! I’ve seen a few people with that reaction so it’s definitely made me lower my expectations a little. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I still find it enjoyable. And hahah right 😂 it seems like it’s going to be such a genre bender I am soooo hyped!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ah this is such a fantastic list! The Last True Poets of the Sea sounds like a wonderful, atmospheric read and I’m so, so curious to read it. I’m also curious about Slay, it sounds great! I hope you’ll love all of these 😀


  6. I obviously had to click the link to see what your favourite the Maine video is… Love & Drugs!!!! That’s an amazing video! I hope the book is just as good! 😀
    I hope you get to read most of these! I need to get back into reading Rick Riordan… his stories are always so good! 😀


    1. Haha, yes!! The music video was such an interesting concept to me and was the first thing I thought of when I read the synopsis for The Last to Die!! I love the Percy Jackson etc. world so much. I feel like the reason I’m so bad at keeping up to date with other series is because I’m up to date with that one 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I love that I can always count on you to bring the thriller/horror recommendations!! I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone & read more thriller/horror these year so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for your upcoming reviews of some (if not all!) of these! 👀

    💛 Ngoc


  8. I’m also trash for The Raven Cycle and I’m counting down the days until Call Down The Hawk!! I love Ronan so much and I NEED this book!


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