Reading & Blogging Confessions

As the kids would say: prepare to be shook reader fam I don’t care if my books are in prime condition. I prefer when they’re not. I’m 100% not one of those people who love their books to look constantly immaculate condition. I mean I get it and that’s cool, but I love when books … More Reading & Blogging Confessions

Let’s Talk: Why I’m Glad I Joined the Bookish Community This Year

Before March, I had no idea a “Bookish Community” even existed outside Goodreads or some cool edits on Tumblr. I didn’t know BookTube was a thing and I definitely didn’t know Book Blogging was a thing either. I thought blogging was reserved for things like fashion and cooking.

I’ve told the story about why I started blogging a million times so I won’t bore you with that again. Instead, I’m just going to list some reasons why I am so eternally grateful that I discovered this community and joined it. … More Let’s Talk: Why I’m Glad I Joined the Bookish Community This Year

Let’s Talk: Blogging Burn Out?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much this month. Well, that’s because I experienced the dreaded Blogging Burn Out. I love blogging, starting this adventure has been one of the best decisions of my life. So why on earth have I not wanted to even think about doing it this month? I’m not entire surely, but I have some vague ideas as to why. … More Let’s Talk: Blogging Burn Out?