BOOK TAG: Intergalactic


The Intergalactic Book Tag was created by jessethereader and his original video is here. This tag was inspired by the book Starflight by Melissa Landers.

I was tagged by Arvenig! Thank you ♥

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Spacename a book that is out of this world or a book that takes place in a world other than your own


I wanted to try and choose a book that was actually in space and this is actually the only one I’ve read? How bad is that! I only recently got back into reading though so that’s my excuse 😉

Black holename a book that completely sucked you in


I was tempted to choose Illuminae again because THAT BOOK. I went with Anna Dressed in Blood though because I loved it so much. I was so caught up in the world that Kendare Blake created and I absolutely loved the friendship between Cas, Carmel and Thomas.

Lightspeedname a book that you are anticipating so much that you wish you could travel at light speed


I used this in my other book tag, bUT I DON’T CARE I NEED IT I NEED IT SO BAD

Nebula name a book with a beautiful book cover


I wanted to choose something different than what I used in my Top Ten Tuesday post so I decided on Teen Spirit which I haven’t actually red yet, but I adore the cover!

Multiversename a companion set or a spinoff series that you love


I haven’t read many spin off series so I went with The Lost Hero because I adored going back to the world of Percy and meeting all the new characters and learning more about old ones.

Gravity name your favourite romantic pairing that seems to have gravitational pull towards each other

I haven’t really read many books where I’ve been super invested in the pairings. I don’t want to use Percy/Annabeth again so I don’t know… Immah pass 😉

The big bangname a book that got you started on reading


Yep. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

Asteroids name a short story or a novella that you love 


OKAY THIS NOVELLA MESSED ME UP. I CRIED. I CRIED A LOT. Like, the words on my Kindle were blurred because I couldn’t see through my tears.

An accurate representation of me reading this novella.

I’M STILL SAD. WHY ALEXANDRA. WHY. If you’ve read the TDM series, but haven’t read this then you NEED TO.

Galaxy name a book with multiple points of view


I couldn’t choose!!! Six is one of my favourite books ever and Welcome to the Dark House is such a fun horror book. Six has, not surprisingly, six POVs of friends involved in a car accident and I loved it so much (I actually picked it up because 6 is my lucky number and I’m so glad I did). Welcome to the Dark House is like every teen slasher ever and there’s a bunch of interesting and diverse characters. I live for multi-povs and both these books do it so well.

Spaceship – name a book that you’d name a spaceship after


The Merciless just sounds so badass. Like my enemies would be too scared to even attack me with a name like that.

Tagging anyone who wants to do it ♥! 



18 thoughts on “BOOK TAG: Intergalactic

  1. Oh no. OH NOOOOO! I own the hardback bundle of TDM’s novellas but haven’t read any of them….NOW I’m terrified about picking it up! No heartache! No tears! I am stone-cold Beth, I do not feel pain!……….. (that’s all toooootally a lie)


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