Souvenirs From Across the World (Part 1) // Meet Western Australia


The absolutely amazing Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane is currently hosting a feature called Souvenirs from Across the World which is the chance for us to talk about our hometowns and countries. For more information check out the post here. There’s a link up post which is open until the 26th of June. Marie also speaks about some hidden gems of France in said post, so even if you’re not linking up or participating still make sure to go read it anyway! I highly encourage everyone to participate though as I’d love to hear about where you’re from!

Since I am sadly extremely untravelled – I have never left my home state of Western Australia – I don’t feel like I can really talk too much about Australia because I’ve hardly experienced it myself. So this is just going to be a basic rundown about Western Australia and my current hometown.


I want to acknowledge the original land owners of Australia – the Aborigine tribes that existed thousands and thousands of years before white settlers invaded. Australia’s history with it’s original inhabitants hasn’t been the best, unfortunately. I truly am sorry for everything that happened. The Aboriginal culture is amazing and I love learning about it. I highly recommend reading up about all the Dreamtime stories, which is how Aboriginal people believed the world was created, because they’re amazing. Some of my favourites are Tiddalick the Frog and The Rainbow Serpent! Aborigine Art is stunning too.

Rainbow Serpent

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia, but the most sparsely populated. The capital city Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. It’s bordered by the Indian Ocean. If you ask anyone to say what they know about Australia or Western Australia they’d probably say: “their beaches” or mention Melbourne and Sydney since they’re two of our most iconic cities. I’m here to give the West Coast and Perth some love and attention though. Australia is obviously in the Southern Hemisphere so we’re currently experiencing winter. It doesn’t get too cold in WA, but I know over east in Sydney and Melbourne that it can get pretty intense. I feel like the east coast of Australia has an incredible city life (and amazing beaches) whereas WA is more strictly just all about the beaches and other ~ nature ~ things.

I feel like there’s a lot of myths about Australian wildlife, but then we are also a walking stereotype because kangaroos are literally almost everywhere out of the city. We don’t ride around on them though 😉 We also have 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes so that’s fun. On second thoughts maybe there aren’t many myths after all. I have to talk about some of my favourite Australian food which includes: Fairy BreadTim Tams, Milo and Vegemite. Every time I see people try Vegemite who aren’t Australian I want to yell. Whilst I am able to eat it straight from the jar the majority of people can’t – not even Australians. In fact a lot of Australians hate Vegemite. You do not spread it excessively on bread like you would peanut butter or Nutella. You put butter or margarine on the bread and toast and then a smidgen of vegemite spread across it. I’m sorry for the impromptu Vegemite lesson, bUT HONESTLY.

Australian Foodkangaroos
This photo was taken at Caversham Wildlife Park, which is in Perth, and it’s a really great place to get up close with Australian Wildlife. 

I was born in Perth, but moved to my current hometown Geraldton 13 years ago. Geraldton is 430kms (267 miles) north of Perth. I’m pretty sure most people only know it exists now because Triple J’s One Night Stand festival was held here this year (it was amazing, btw).

The population of my town is 35,000. Again it’s incredibly famous for its beaches. No matter where you live you’re pretty much in walking distance to a beach somewhere. It gets extremely hot where I live during summer. The summer just gone we had consecutive days of 47C (116F). It’s also SUPER WINDY to the point where the trees actually lean in some places because they’ve been pushed out of shape.

  Leaning Tree
The 2nd and 3rd photos are the edge of Western Australia and it’s what I drive past every time I travel to Perth.

Geraldton is a coastal/beach town so there’s cafes everywhere. One of my favourites is an independent coffee shop called Quiet Life. They make the best chai lattes and brownies. If for some reason you ever decide to visit a town in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia then I definitely recommend you drop in! There’s also a Dome Cafe right on the beach. Not a bad view. Every Sunday my family and I normally visit the Platform Markets which are situated out an old train station that is no longer in use. Some other great places to eat are the Jaffle Shack (there’s two in town, but my favourite is an actual cute little shed right on the beach and I am obsessed with their iced chai lattes) and a catering company called Tarts & Co who make the best waffles that ever exist. We normally hit both of those places up on Sunday when we visit the markets. There’s also a lighthouse here that is featured in every photo of the town, ever.

   LighthouseJaffle Shack Tarts&Co
The very first photo is the beach that I can see from my house.

We have a wildlife park and historical settlements half an hour out of town. The historical settlement was settled in the 1800s and is where I do the majority of my paranormal investigating. There’s extremely popular beaches between Geraldton and Perth such as: Jurien Bay and Cervantes. There’s The Pinnacles which is basically just an area of endless giant rocks, but it’s pretty cool. Off the coast of Geraldton is the Abrholos Islands which is where the Batavia shipwrecked in 1629 and where the whole mutiny/massacre thing took place. Geraldton is also really close to Kalbarri, Monkey Mia and Shark Bay which are – surprise – great places if you’re into the beach. You can also get really up close with dolphins at Monkey Mia and hand feed them.

We only have one independent bookshop in my town and the prices are insane so unfortunately I don’t go there much, but we do have quite a few awesome used bookstores around and just out of town.

   Pinnacles Monkey Mia Abrolhos Islands

My favourite thing about Australia is probably one of our most popular national sports: Australian Football League. The team I support is the West Coast Eagles. There’s 18 teams in the AFL and Western Australia’s other team is the Fremantle Dockers aka The Enemy 😂. I’m not even sure how to describe AFL because it’s one of the most confusing sports ever. It’s like a weird hybrid of soccer and rugby, but then at the same time nothing like it. There’s four giant sticks at each end of an oval and the aim is to get the weird shaped ball through the big middle ones. I am the least sport-y person in the world and honestly this is like one of the only few sports I enjoy watching, but I am OBSESSED with it. I’m not even exaggerating. I’m beyond invested. If you follow me on Twitter then you’ve definitely seen how annoying I am.


If you’re heading to Perth and aren’t into the beaches then we have a rad Art Gallery in the city. There’s an old jail and Arts centre in the city of Fremantle too which are both supposed to be haunted. You can do night tours at the jail where you go underground into a tunnel system. We also have an amazing Zoo that has one of the best breeding programs ever. I’m sure there are so many other amazing places, but like I said I’m extremely untravelled and haven’t had the chance to explore a great deal. There is no Starbucks in Western Australia. I have never been to one in my entire 26 years of life. Do you feel sorry for me? We have a ridiculously shaped Arena. Off the coast of Perth is Rottnest Island, it’s full of these adorable little marsupials called Quokkas.

South of Perth is extremely popular for tourists because of the beaches. Some of the popular places down south are: Bunbury, Margaret River and Albany. Up North is more for people who are into “adventure” activities because it’s the Kimberly region. Some of the popular places are: Exmouth (or the Ningaloo Reef) and Broome. Broome is famous for it’s camel rides on the beaches. Of course there’s amazing beaches there too and people go snorkeling a lot. In case you didn’t get the message Western Australia is Beaches Central™.

Fun Fact: The horror movie Wolf Creek was filmed in Western Australia

 Perth Zoo   Kimberly  Perth ArenaRottnest Island Quokkas

Oh yeah. We also have a Pink Lake which is probably one of the coolest things ever. Be jealous 😎

Pink LakePink Lake 1

So there’s a quick little rundown of my home state and town! Unfortunately, I haven’t visited many of the places I talked about here but I definitely hope to get the chance one day! Western Australia isn’t the most exciting place in the world and whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the town I live in now I will always love and call Perth home.

Photo Credit: My Instagram, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

I know a lot of you are from Australia already, but if you’re not I’d love to hear about whether you’ve ever visited or want to visit! If you have a Souvenir post then leave the link down below so I can drop by.

Tomorrow I’ll have a post about all my favourite Australian books! I’m sure you can already guess one that’ll be on the list 😉

Hope you’re all having a lovely day! xx

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  1. I have always wanted to travel to Australia, but I’m afraid of all the beasts out there! Snakes, mega spiders, giant frogs, help! haha! Having 21 out of 25 poisonous snakes is not fun, brrrr! I have friends who live there half the year and their pictures always make me jealous. Yours had the same effect 🙂 Despite the … animals, the country looks beautiful and I am sure I’ll visit someday. You just can’t miss an opportunity to try Vegemite xD I learned a lot thanks to your post, thank you! (I am supposed to do mine now, but instead I’ve been visiting all the places, haha!)


  2. Awesome post! Your hometown/Western Australian in general looks amazing! I’d love to visit Australia one day, but I’ve definitely bought into some of the wildlife myths, and I have this idea that Australia is full of spiders (which I am petrified of),although that one’s probably not true either, or at least wildly exaggerated haha! That pink lake is so awesome – what is it that makes it pink?? Also, I have only tried vegemite once, but I have bad memories of it because I had it whilst hungover and threw up immediately after :/ I think it’s quite similar to Marmite though, which we have in the UK, and I am obsessed with 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you! Haha, we do have some crazy and dangerous spiders but if you stay in the city you can (mostly) avoid it. No one actually knows why it’s pink, how crazy is that? Haha. There’s speculation that it’s dye from a certain bacteria that lives in the water, but no one knows for sure. Ahh yeah, I can definitely understand being put off it after that experience 😂 I’ve only had Marmite a few times, but from what I can remember they are quite similar in taste!

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      1. You’re very welcome 🙂 Wow, that’s crazy – it looks awesome! I had no idea that was even possible! And that’s good about the spiders being mostly avoidable – I’m really bad with even non-dangerous spiders, so I think I would have to sleep covered in some kind of net when I visit Australia to keep the legitimately dangerous ones away haha!


  3. Australia is definitely on my list of places I’d love to visit someday and these pictures make me want to even more 🙂 It looks gorgeous and I’m super jealous of the Pink Lake!


  4. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME WHYYYYY ? I’m a big beach and nature junky and you have plenty of that *-* and those little places to eat made my SO hungry because a) I love lattes and waffles and what not, b) IT’S ON THE BEACH.
    Oh and I experienced all your enthousiasm about your football team, I even got invested sometimes even though I literally had NO idea what was happening hahahah, just so you know how intense your tweets are. That team is lucky to have you as a fan 😀
    AND THE PINK LAKE ! PLEASE TAKE ME THERE NOW ! It’s so prettyyyyy !
    I loved everything about this post Lauren !!!! ❤


    1. HAHAHAHA. I’M SORRY FADWA I’m so glad you enjoyed this.

      I feel like you would LOVE Western Australia if you’re into the beach and nature. Like, the East Coast does have amazing things as well and there’s Uluru in the Northern Territory (which is basically just a giant rock but still pretty rad), but I feel like you’d especially love the Kimberly region. You should definitely come visit and I’ll be your tour guide

      LMAO!! That’s amazing!! There’s no game this weekend, so you’ll all get a break 😉 And haha, I like to think so.

      Riiight!! I’m hoping to see it in person one day soon.

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  5. Great tour, Lauren. Thanks!
    I especially appreciate the Vegemite dissertation. I had been wondering about that stuff…
    Happy Reading!
    ~Icky. 🙂


  6. I think I just fell in love with your post. The pictures, everything, I am IN LOVE. And you said you didn’t have enough to say, well this was just PERFECTION. I’ve always wanted to go to Autralia, but it’s so far away from France (there’s almost two full days to get there, I look it up from time to time ahah), it makes me so sad :(. The landscapes look absolutely FANTASTIC, and that pink lake, wow, it’s so beautiful. Plus, I might be a little bit in love with Quokkas now…as if being in love with Sloths wasn’t enough, haha. And KOALA BEARS, there are koala bears in Australia, right, I love these so much. Ahaha, sorry this is just me fangirling about animals but, so cute. ❤
    What an incredible post, definitely makes me want to discover Australia RIGHT NOW. Thank you so, so much for your contribution to my little feature! ❤ ❤


    1. Aww, thank you so much Marie! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this

      I definitely relate to that feeling. It’s me with Europe, haha. I’d to catch 3 or 4 flights to get there Hopefully one day we can visit each other’s countries though!

      I love the Pink Lake, I really hope to see it in person soon. Quokkas are so cute. I haven’t seen one in the wild, but I’ve seen them at the zoo and other wildlife places. Haha, yes! We have Koalas. They’re not actually called Koala Bears though, just Koalas. They’re not part of the bear family, but are a marsupial like Kangaroos 🙂 They are super soft and cute, but definitely don’t approach one in the wild because they are surprisingly savage out there (just like most Australian wildlife ). It’s fine to get up close to them at Wildlife Parks though because they’re used to humans.

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      1. OH yes, I hope so. Australia and New Zealand are some of the countries I want to go to THE MOST, but it’s also so complicated to get there.
        Ohh well thank you so much for clearing that up! I’ve read somewhere that you’re supposed to say, Koala bears, but in French, it’s just Koalas so I wasn’t sure, ahah. Now I won’t make the mistake thanks to you 🙂 Oh yes, well all of the Australian wildlife is what scares me the most, ahah, the snakes and stuff, I hate it ahah.


        1. Everyone I know whose been to New Zealand has said it’s beautiful! I’d love to visit there too one day. Honestly I just want to travel the world 😆 Haha, no that’s okay!! So many people think they’re bears, even some Australians. I used to have an animal obsession and would research all about them and do all my school projects on animals so I still remember all these random facts. I’m not really bothered by snakes, but I definitely understand why people would be wary of them! They normally leave people alone though and only attack if they’re stepped on or if people get too close.

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          1. ME TOO. I think we should give up everything and travel the world together, what do you say? We’ll make stops at bookshops everywhere (obviously) and try all the food and just, oh I’m dreaming now aren’t I 🙂
            Well that’s so cool, now you know SO many things about it! I sometimes research random facts about sloths (I mean, I love those little creatures too much), so I don’t find it that weird ahah.


  7. I don’t even know where to start, but it’s all so BEAUTIFUL!!!! There’s a freaking pink lake, quokkas, kangaroos and camels, whaaat? I loved hearing about the good, fairy bread is the cutest name and I had no idea it was a thing. I have the ingredients so I have to try it out like that. And thank you for the Vegemite lesson, there none of that here, but if I ever get to travel/move out I’ll try it out.
    The book I read for the Tome Topple readathon (The Bone Clocks) has a scene in Western Australia in a lighthouse! It totally reminded me of that 🙂
    Awesome post, loved seeing your part of Australia!


    1. Haha, thank you! Sometimes I think I take it for granted, but doing this post made me realise that I do live in a really beautiful place with amazing wildlife. Oh my god, fairy bread is AMAZING. It’s probably not the most healthiest snack, but I don’t even care 😂 And haha, no worries. Always happy to help educate people on Vegemite.

      Ohh that’s so awesome!!! It’s not often WA gets mentioned in things, haha. It’s normally always Melbourne and Sydney.

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  8. One day soon I need to visit Australia. It’ll take me a while to get there (the flights from England to Australia are horrendously long) but one day I will! This is such a great post, and I loved looking at all your photos. The pink lake in particular looks amazing; how was that even formed do you know, why is the water pink?
    I love that you have so many kangeroos where you are, I’ve never seen one in real life before so I’d love to be able too. But I will admit to being really freaked out by the venonmous snake thing. I am really not a snake fan so honestly I don’t know how you live where you do and don’t freak out about it, but I guess growing up it’s kind of usual for you.
    The beaches look amazing though, god you’ve made me want to jump on a plane right this second and fly over to Australia! 😀
    Great post! I loved learning more about your hometown!


    1. Yes, definitely come visit one day!! I definitely understand the flight thing though – it’s one of the main things that is stopping me from going to Europe because of the whole multiple flights which means more money that I don’t have, haha.

      No one actually knows why the lake is pink, which is kinda crazy 😂 Scientists speculate that it’s because of a dye that’s from a bacteria that lives in the water but no one knows for sure.

      Haha! The snakes don’t bother me too much (I mean I wouldn’t like to be bit by one), but I have a python as a pet and have handled venomous ones when I was interested in working with wildlife. I’ve only ever seen two in the wild. Most times snakes will avoid people and you only get bit if they feel threatened which normally only happens if you get too close. I definitely take the beach for granted, haha. I see it every day so I’m just like super casual about it 😂

      Thank you ♥!


  9. Wow! Thank you so much for this post Lauren! Everything looks amazing! ❤ THE PINK LAKE. I blinked three times to make sure it was pink. That's incredible! All those beaches! Kangaroos! Camels! Why haven't I been to Australia yet? I need to go asap. If only it wasn't so far though! 😦


    1. Aw, no worries Fatima! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😊 The Pink Lake is so beautiful! I really hope to see it in person soon. I hope you get to visit one day! I totally understand the distance thing though it’s the main reason why I haven’t been able to get to Europe or the UK (or anywhere 😂) because multiple flights means multiple money that I don’t have hahaha.

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  10. Australia is such a big point on my bucket list, literally, because Australia is huge! Especially because I’m used to European standards of traveling haha. I already knew how to eat Vegemite though, now it just has to happen! 😅 I have no idea why, but there’s something about trees basically laying on the ground that I love. It looks so cool and knowing that they still live is amazing. Amazing post and the balance between info and pictures is absolutely perfect. 🙂


    1. I’m so jealous of how accessible everything in Europe is 😂 It takes me four-six hours just to get to my capital city, haha. I really hope you can make it out one day!!

      Haha, yay! I see so many people eating it wrong and I’m like “nooo that’s not how it works!!”.

      The leaning trees are super cool, they’re everywhere just out of town. It’s crazy how nature works and that it’s caused by wind.

      Thanks so much Yasaman! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

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      1. There’s a downside to this too, whenever I drive to a near country it, feels like I didn’t travel at all. It’s so weird 😅 😂
        Omg that’s a long drive, I would have crossed half of Germany in that time 😅
        Haha oh yes, I can imagine! And then everyone’s like “how do you eat this? It’s not sweet at all!” You don’t say 😂
        Absolutely, I’d probably end up taking 20 pictures of one of those trees, because that doesn’t happen too much here.
        You’re welcome! Always enjoy reading your posts 🙂


  11. I used to live in Perth when I was younger and I miss it so much! It’s definitely very different to Melbourne, but it has its charms too. I’ve been to Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, Kalbarri, the Pinnacles, Fremantle, Margaret River, etc. My parents are huge travellers and my dad, especially, literally can’t stay still unless he’s sleeping or eating. He got better now that he’s a bit older.

    Also seeing as I’ve spent, like, seven years of my life in Aus it’s kind of embarrassing that I’ve never had fairy bread before. BUT I’ve taken a liking to Vegemite — I can’t eat it straight from the jar since it’s too strong for me, I love it with toast and cheese.

    I can’t imagine living in a town that’s 35000! The ‘smallest’ city I’ve ever lived in is Norwich in England, and that has like 200k people, I think. Even that was too quiet for me, haha.

    My BF has given up introducing me to AFL because I am the least sports-interested person there can be. He barracks for the Hawks, though, so I suppose you guys would be enemies. 😛

    Sorry for the really long comment! A lot of the stuff in your post resonated with me. ❤

    PS: We also have a pink lake in Melbourne! I've never been, though.


    1. Oh that’s so cool! I really miss living there too. I’m hoping to move to Melbourne eventually, but in the mean time I’m trying to move back to Perth but moving costs money which I don’t have. Boo. And you’ve been to so many places, that’s amazing! I think you’ve explored more of WA than I have 😂

      Oh my gosh, you need to try fairy bread haha. It’s incredible. Not exactly the healthiest thing out there, but you know 😆 Vegemite and cheese is AMAZING! Def one of my favourite things to snack on.

      When I first moved there was only 19k. It’s definitely a surreal experience living in a small town because it really makes cities that aren’t that big feel huge to me. I want to go to Melbourne so badly, but the airport is probably bigger than my town 😂 and I’m actually quiet terrified. It took me long enough to get used to Perth again and that’s nothing compared to some places.

      HAHA! And yes, defs enemies especially after last year’s grand final which still makes me emotional.

      Noo, don’t apologise! I love it 😀 And I’m so glad it had that affect ♥

      And ohh that’s awesome! I’ll definitely have to look it up.


      1. Yeees, come to Melbourne! Moving does cost a LOT of money, and it’s honestly a lot of hassle as well. I was in Perth for maybe a year? But we’d go somewhere every weekend.

        I don’t know where I would even get one! Is it something you make? I feel like I haven’t seen it in supermarkets and stuff, though it’s very possible that I just didn’t notice because I can be tunnel-visioned sometimes.

        I come from a city of 9.6 million people originally so even Melbourne feels a bit little to me! Admittedly though I think it’s just perfect – not too crowded, not too quiet.

        OMG I don’t even know what happened in AFL last year even though he probably said quite a bit about it. All sports talk just generally fly over my head. 😛


        1. Ahh, yes!! I’ve moved houses 10 times in the past 20 years and it never gets easier 😂 That’s so cool though! If I could spend the rest of my life travelling I 100% would.

          Haha! You make it. You just need white bread and hundreds and thousands (or sprinkles of some variety). You butter the bread and put the sprinkles on and that’s it. I’m not even sure what it is that’s so great because it really doesn’t sound that appetising in theory. I love it so much though.

          Oh, wow!! I would probably have a slight panic attack if I went somewhere with that many people which probably isn’t the best considering how much I want to travel 😂

          Hahaha. That’s understandable. I’m not even sure why I’m so invested because I am not a sports person whatsoever. I grew up on it though so that probably has a lot to do with it haha.


          1. Oh my god, 10 times! How do you manage? I think if that were my life I’ll be permanently living in boxes just so I can easily move around next time, haha.

            I will check it out! Yeah, it sounds pretty ~ordinary~ but I’m keen to see what’s so great about this fairy bread thing that people keep mentioning to me. Oddly enough, I wonder if it’s specific to certain areas/communities? My BF is Australian and I don’t think he’s ever had it either… though then again he’s also never had PB and J, which to me is CRAZY.

            Yeah, if you grow up with something you’re definitely likelier to… keep it in your life, I suppose. 😛


            1. I’m not entirely sure 😂 I’ve been living in my current house for like six years now and it actually feels kinda weird? Even though moving is the worst, I kind of got used to not staying in the same place.

              Haha, I hope you enjoy it!! You have to let me know how it goes. Ooh quite possibly! Haha, omg how did he not know about PB&J??? That’s amazing! I know it’s not an Australian thing whatsoever, but it’s almost impossible to avoid haha.

              Yes. I used to hate it, actually. My dad would always watch it and I’d be there trying to annoy him and ask him a million questions, but I guess it backfired because it actually got me interested in the game 😂


  12. I’m really happy you talked a bit about Aboriginal culture! 😊

    My mom has always wanted to visit the more ~nature~ centered part of Australia, she thinks it’s really fascinating and stunning, so this was quite interesting to read.

    Aw look at you with the little kangaroos! 😊
    Lmao that tree tho!!!
    Woooo more animals! 💕
    OF COURSE you had to talk about football. 😂

    I’ve never been to a Starbucks either, so don’t feel bad about it haha. x

    Oh wow the pink water!!! That’s so pretty!

    I’m thinking that if I did a post like this I would literally have no idea what place to talk about. Germany, where I was born? Italy, where my family lives? Spain, where I live now? England, where I’m moving soon? So many options lmao.


    1. Thank you! I’m definitely trying to educate myself more about it. You think we’d have learnt in school, but besides the super basics, of course the majority of what we got taught was all westernised.

      Ooh that’s so cool! Sometimes I think I take it for granted, but it really is quite beautiful!

      Hahaha! Would I even be me if I didn’t mention the football 😉

      You’re like one of the few people that I’ve met who hasn’t so yay! I’m so glad I’m not alone 😂

      I love that you’ve experienced so many places!! I’d love to hear about any or all of them.

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      1. Sadly that tends to happen. 😔
        Well I live on a super small island where there actually aren’t any Starbucks sooo. 😂
        Honestly I’ve experienced all of them but none enough to write a whole post about them I think. Kinda sad when you think about it. 😅


        1. I actually learnt more about non-western countries out of school than I did in school.

          Haha, that basically describes Australia 😂 Well, I know we’re probably larger in size but still.

          Awww!! That’s a shame. There’s definitely pros and cons to moving so much. I’ve moved 10 times, but I’ve been in the same state. I can’t imagine what it’s like moving all over the world.

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          1. Yeah well I kinda don’t feel attached to any country. It’s fun because I’ve seen a bit of Europe and patriotism doesn’t make any sense to me, but it’s also a bit sad. 😄


  13. Australia is probably the closest “Western” country to where I live, and it’s still a pricey ticket and eight hours away. I hope I’ll get the chance to visit some time. I love those beaches and the wildlife park! I want to see those kangaroos, and koalas and wallabies and… just everything :D! My sister recently went to Melbourne and got to pat a koala, I’m so jealous! Also, does Shark Bay actually have sharks? And Tim Tams! Thank Australia for Arnotts!


    1. Aw, yeah. I definitely understand that! I would love to visit Europe, but it’s so out of my price range haha. Hopefully one day you’ll get to visit! And aw, that’s so awesome!! Koalas are super cute. Just don’t approach them in the wild because they can be quite dangerous 😂 Yes, there’s sharks! There’s sharks everywhere in Australian oceans though, so haha. Tim Tams are one of our greatest contributions 😂

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      1. I hope we both manage to scrounge up so money to travel someday. Haha. Koalas are really cute. I really, really hope to pat a tamed one! They just look so fluffy. Sharks are scary though. Tim Tams and Shapes! Before they went and ruined Shapes…


        1. Ahh yes, me too!!! A lot of the wildlife parks around the place let you pat them. They are really soft!! Every time I’ve pat one I’ve wanted to hug it. Sharks don’t really worry me either, but that’s probably because I never go anywhere near the ocean. Oh my god, yes! I’m so angry that they ruined Shapes.

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  14. Great post! Geraldton sounds like a great city and I love it’s beaches. The cafes sound wonderful and thanks for the lesson in Vegemite, lol…I’ve always wondered how you are supposed to eat it. I can’t imagine living somewhere with so many venomous snakes but Australia sure is beautiful!


  15. Yaaaaas I love this! Where you live looks so unbelievably beautiful! I wish we had better weather in the UK. 😦 We have some lovely beaches but you’re about 90% guaranteed to get a smattering of rain no matter what month you’re in hahaha. Also that picture of you and the camel is probably the best thing I’ve seen today hahaha


    1. Thanks so much Sammie 😊 I’m actually kind of jealous of UK weather, haha. I love rain and grey skies. I suppose it would be a bit of an inconvenience at times though! UK beaches have always been something I’ve wanted to see. 😂😂😂 His name was Toby and he was such a cutie. He was actually a baby so he was trying to eat everything and everyone and super curious and kept wanting pats haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem. 🙂 Haha, well you’d be happy here because we definitely get a lot of that! Yeah that’s one way of putting it – I got a picnic hamper for my birthday (yup, officially an old lady) but I haven’t been able to use it once yet cos the weather has been so crap. 😦 If you do come to visit for the beaches, Cornwall or Devon is where you should head! St Ives in Cornwall is particularly lovely. 🙂 Omg that is the best thing ever! There’s nothing better than an animal that just wants cuddles hahaha


  16. Why hello fellow Australian 🙂 Love this post! I live in Sydney but I’ve only ever been around here, VIC and QLD! Now I’ve just realised that I need to pay Western AU a visit too! I love those images and the Little Shack cafe seems adorable! I can’t believe you can eat Vegemite straight from the jar! I do love it though! 🙂


    1. Heyyy!! There’s been so many more Aussie bloggers than I was expecting when I first started. So awesome! I really want to go to the east coast of Aus because it seems so much more exciting 😂 but WA does is quite beautiful! I hope you can make it over here one day. Hahaha. I know. I seem to have built up a strong Vegemite tolerance. My family all think I’m crazy when I eat it from the jar 😂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I definitely plan on trying to get over there soon. I really want to go to Melbourne especially. Haha, sometimes I resent living in WA because it definitely feels really behind the rest of the country but I’m grateful I get to live somewhere that has a lot of beautiful natural elements.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha Melbourne’s great! You should definitely go and visit! Though the winters will be the death of me there because it’s so cold! Aww, aha I am completely jealous of the natural gorgeousness that you guys have over there!


  17. I LOVE THIS POST MORE THAN LIFE!!!!! I’ve been to Bunbury, Esperance, Margaret River, Albany & Jurien Bay but not Geraldton yet! Sounds like there are some AMAZING places to eat, though & if you know me…food is 99% the reason I get out of bed most days xD


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