I Actually Did Things? // June Wrap Up

me: [googles how to start a wrap up post without saying ‘i can’t believe it’s [x] month already!!!!’] google: no results found Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce // The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton Received from Hachette Australia   Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart Received from Hachette Australia   Meet Me at the Intersection Edited by … More I Actually Did Things? // June Wrap Up

My Blogiversary Answers to Your Questions (Part 1: Blogging & Reading)

So, last week I celebrated my One Year Blogiversary 🎉🎉 I still can’t believe it. Thank you to ALL my followers, there’s nearly 700 of you, which is all kinds of insane. I never expected this blog to go anywhere. I started it on a complete whim. I thought I’d stop posting in like a week. I … More My Blogiversary Answers to Your Questions (Part 1: Blogging & Reading)

Reading & Blogging Goals for 2017

I had no idea I was going to start reading again this year so I didn’t really set any official goals for myself. I did make a few little ones along the way though like to finally read a Stephen King book and The Book Thief and to contact some publishers. I read out of my comfort zone. I also accomplished some things I wasn’t expecting like opening a Society6 and RedBubble store.

Because I’ll be starting next year reading I wanted to try and set some more structured goals for myself. They’re not too specific because I’m not the kind of person that can deal with strict guidelines. I like giving myself some room.

That said, here are some things I want to work on in 2017. … More Reading & Blogging Goals for 2017