a new beginning ā†Ŗ lauren-kara.com/blog

uhhhh, hi friends šŸ˜¬ it’s been a while. to refresh your memory i’m lauren and i used to sporadically run this blog back in the day. i stopped blogging a year or so ago because life got in the way. long story short: (fave folklore song btw – sory i had to) i’m back? again.

now that i have a bit more free time on my hands (i’ve finished studying) i decided to start blogging again? it’s something i’ve missed ever since i had to put it on hold.

however, i will be saying goodbye to this blog šŸ’ž i have a new site that is now self-hosted! you can find it by clicking the link below ā¬‡ā¬‡ā¬‡


i have migrated all my followers so you shouldn’t have to do anything too complicated if you want to follow me on this new journey! you can read more details about everything over on the new site! thank you for support over the years and i hope you’ll join me again and we can chat again soon.

love you all,

lauren xx

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