Important #HalloweenWR Giveaway Update

Hey guys, as you know from my last post my family and I have been searching for a new house. I’m really happy to say that WE FOUND ONE! It’s such a huge relief I feel like I can actually breathe again. However, because of this we’ve literally had to use every bit of money we have (my parents wages plus my entire benefits) to put towards the bond money so we could secure the house. We even had to take out a loan. Because of this unexpected finical strain I’m not going to be able to purchase the book for the giveaway out of this pay as I was originally hoping.

The giveaway will still be drawn on Halloween but I probably won’t be able to purchase the book until the middle or end of November.Β 

I feel TERRIBLE about this and I promise if I had anyway of knowing this was going to happen that I wouldn’t have offered it in the first place. If you followed me on here or social media for the giveaway you’re more than welcome to unfollow and your entry will still count. That said I’d love it if you stuck around so we can chat bookish things once I’m back.

Like I said the giveaway is still going to go ahead the actual book will just be arriving a bit later. Once again I am so so sorry about this.Β 

Thank you for understanding β™₯

P.S As I said above my family and I are going to have next to no money for the next couple of months. If you’re able to support me on Kofi or purchase something from my RedBubble or Society6 stores that would mean a lot!! I can’t thank everyone who’s supported me or shared the link for my kofi enough. It’s literally because of you guys that my family are going to be able to eat next week. I actually want to cry because I can’t believe how incredible you all are.

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