Boosting Teen Bloggers: An Interview with Wren @ WhatWrenReads

Boosting Teen Bloggers

Slight back story to this new series! I don’t want to get into all the details and I’m sure you’re familiar if you’re active on Twitter, but a truly awful article got posted that caused A LOT of teens in the YA community to face severe harassment. Anyone can read YA, but it is ultimately for Teens and they shouldn’t have to worry about feeling unsafe. I wanted to try and do something to help raise their voices especially teens in the community who have a smaller following. I’m not a Big Name by any means but I have almost 900 followers (which is more than I ever dreamed of) and hopefully I can help make some more people aware of what work they’re doing! Since I can’t write a discussion post to save my life I came up with the idea of letting some teen bloggers either do a guest post or a Q&A type of things.

Anyway, now that’s out of the way. The first person up is the wonderful Wren @ What Wren Reads! She decided to answer a few questions for me and you guys. I hope you all show her some love and check out her blog.


Introduce yourself and where you blog.


Hello! My name is Wren and I am a Canadian book blogger, reviewer and bookstagrammer! I blog over on What Wren Reads! I am 18 years old and going into my 2nd year of University this upcoming fall. My current programs (although most certainly will change again) is a major in Film Studies and a double minor in Human Geography and English! I’ve been blogging and bookstagramming for 2 years now. I used to be on a different bookstagram that I started in May 2015 with 2 other people, but I recently decided to start my own account May 2017! My favourite YA genres are fantasy, contemporary and sometimes SciFi!

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I started my blog 2 years ago and the reason I started it was because I wanted to try out book reviews, but didn’t want to post them on my bookstagram. I had seen some other bookstagram accounts that I was following post about their blogs and reviews and decided that I may as well give it a shot! I’d been trying to write film reviews around that time, and thought it might be a bit of fun to try out book reviews, and I’ve been enjoying writing them ever since!

Were you intimidated to start your blog because of being a teen?

I don’t think I was intimidated to start because of being a teen, but more because I knew there were a lot of really great, popular blogs out there and I felt I wouldn’t be able to write content as good as theirs. I also started feeling more intimidated when I started requesting ARCs from publishers because I felt they wouldn’t take me seriously because I was a teen. I realized I just needed to write the best pieces I could write, and everything else was out of my control 🙂

As a teen do you feel as though your voice isn’t heard or is spoken over?

Thankfully, I haven’t felt this way. There is such an incredible sense of community between YA bloggers and bookstagrammers that as a group we all work very hard to have our voices heard. I’m also glad that publishers and book events have taken notice that the teen book community is doing some amazing work and have given us platforms to share our content.

What do you love about the YA community?

I love the people I get to interact with daily. Everybody is so kind and helpful that I am always motivated to keep writing reviews and posting instagram photos. When I started a new bookstagram account just for me, I was greeted with so many amazing bookstagrammers that helped me get my new account on its feet, I will forever be grateful to all those amazing people.

What are your favourite diverse books?Queens of Geek

I recently read Queens of Geek and absolutely loved it! I read it in one sitting and when I finished it was dark in my room but I didn’t even realize because I was enjoying the book so much! I would HIGHLY recommend checking it out. Another I read recently, which has been getting a lot of hype, is The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. It definitely lives up to the hype thanks to its amazing characters and fun adventures!

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)What books would you like to see more of?

I recently read Six of Crows and loved the heist storyline. I’m sure there are tons of heist (YA) books out there but I haven’t heard of any! I’d love to see some more of them, they can be so intense and exciting! I think a lot of this love comes from my enjoyment of heist movies haha.

What’s your most recent 5 star read?The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue

My most recent 5 star read was The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue! As I mentioned, the adventures in it are so much fun. I actually listened to the audiobook, which is pretty unusual for me as I’m not big on audiobooks, but I loved the narrator!

If you could make anyone read 1 book what would it be?

I’m gonna go back to Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde for this one! I truly think there is something in that story for everyone. It’s also a super quick read and perfect for anyone looking for a cute, light summery read.

If you have any other social media, link it here!


Thanks so much Lauren for letting me make a little appearance on your blog and for supporting smaller bloggers 🙂


If you have any thoughts on anything Wren mentioned feel free to leave it below.

Don’t forget to check out her blog and other social media!!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day.

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12 thoughts on “Boosting Teen Bloggers: An Interview with Wren @ WhatWrenReads

  1. It’s a great idea to boost the book blogging community ! Wren’s answers kind of made me want to start my own book blog. I’ve had the idea cooking for some time xD But like her, it intimidates me to think that probably for a long time, it’ll be just me making efforts in vain to get noticed and ending up with nobody caring what I do because there are better blogs and it’s just easier to watch booktube than follow book blogs 😭

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