Biannual Bibliothon – Day 6 – 25 Facts About Me!

25 Facts About Me

I’m back with another (and my final!!) blog post for the Summer Biannual Bibliothon! I can’t believe I’ve managed to get 5 posts up in the 1 week. WHO AM I??? I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts and that I haven’t been over doing it? Don’t worry though, I’ll go back to my 1 post every 2 weeks so enough 😂 Today’s challenge is to post 25 bookish facts about yourself! I honestly don’t think I could come up with 25 strictly bookish facts so I’ll be mixing it up! I did this waaaaay back when I first started blogging. It was one of my very first posts. A lot of you have been with me since then which is AMAZING, but I figured I’d do this again for a “refresher” and for a way for any new followers to get to know me a bit better! The host for today is wolflibby0914 so make sure to drop by their blog.



Books Read: 5
Challenges Completed:
4/7 (5 if I double up)
Pages Read: 1014


1. I’m really bad at coming up with facts about myself.

2. Unless it involves music. I could give you a million facts about myself that involve music.

3. Speaking of….. music is my favourite thing in the entire world and it means more to me than I could ever express in words. 

4. I have an extra bone in my foot that’s just kinda floating around. I found out after I fell down a flight of stairs after having too much to drink 🙈 and needed an X-Ray.

5. I’ve read for my entire life, but I stopped reading for about 3 years and honestly until I started this blog I had no idea the bookish community even existed. Shout out to Illuminae for ending the drought. It’s the reason why this blog exists. 

6. My favourite genre is horror because of my childhood love for Goosebumps.

7. I honestly don’t care about dogearing pages or keeping my books in pristine condition or collecting ARCs/different editions of books. 

8. I can’t stop reading in the middle of a chapter it needs to be at the end of it.

9. Speaking of chapters I need them to be short otherwise I struggle severely.  

10. I’m a paranormal investigator! I love all things “weird” and “creepy” like ghosts and aliens and abandoned places ect.

11. I’m also oddly fascinated with true crime and I have a whole shelf dedicated to true crime books. 


12. I live in an extremely small coastal town on the west coast of Australia.

13. Speaking of “west coast” I am an avid, invested fan of Australian Football League. I am the least sporty person in the world, but this game rules my life. The team I support are the West Coast Eagles and we’re not having a great season so let’s not talk about it, okay. It’s a weird hybrid of soccer and rugby but completely different. Don’t even ask. 

14. I love piercings and tattoos. I used to have 10 piercings, but now I only have 5 (nose, snakebites, stretched lobes) which makes me sad. I have 2 tattoos (music note and birds) and want like a million more.


15. How am I only at 15? I can’t think of 10 more things? 

16. I love being annoying on social media.

17. I’ve actually met my favourite band, Pierce The Veil, which is something I still have trouble processing. 

18. I never left 2006 because my favourite genres of music are still pop punk and post-hardcore. I’m an Emo Grandma.


19. Sorry NONE of these books are related. Told you I can only come up with music related things. 

20. Um… I need to read MULTIPLE books at once or I get in reading slumps. I’m a huge distracted mood reader.

21. I struggle with high fantasies so much. I think maps are pretty but I understand nothing they’re trying to tell me????? 



24. The only place I read is in bed and I do most of my reading at night.

25. Every day I’m overwhelmed by the amount of wonderful people I have met on this blogging journey. I love every single one of you. 

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Tell me a fact about you or let me know if we have anything in common!

If you’re participating then how’s your Biannual Bibliothon progress going?

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

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13 thoughts on “Biannual Bibliothon – Day 6 – 25 Facts About Me!

  1. I totally agree with your first fact haha! OH MY GOD, THE GOOSEBUMPS BOOKS! They were my world in school. Are there even copies of them anymore hahah?! I’m also a lover of true crime. I had my mother’s friends look at me stupid when I sat in their house reading a book on Fred and Rose West when I was about ten.
    Love the facts and learning more about you. Oh, and you’re smashing the Bibliothon!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love this so much, Lauren. It’s kind of weird about that bone in your foot… I hope it’s not something that’s bothering to you when you walk or anything?
    I’m so grateful to have met you through blogging and YOU ARE AWESOME and I love you too!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re adorable trying to come up with facts hahaha ❤ I agree with the dog-earing pages thing, I don’t care that much about what my books look like as long as they’re comfortable to read x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Coming up with facts for these types of posts are SO hard, I swear! I always feel like I’m repeating myself and it’s always hard to think of what to say. That’s awesome that you met your favorite band too! I’ve always wanted to meet one of my favorite bands.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. These are great facts Lauren, and I am definitely in awe of the fact that you managed to come up with 25 because I would have really struggled with that as well. I’m just not that interesting and my whole life revolves around blogging and reading (or so it seems) so you all know all there is to know about me already. 🙂
    I’m a proud Hufflepuff as well! 😀
    Illuminae is such a gorgeous book, and it’s great it inspired you to read/blog after that massive slump. Also I completely get what you mean about needing to end on a chapter before putting a book down, I’m 100% the same there!
    Again great facts! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Oh my goodness I feel your struggle on coming up with facts about yourself SO MUCH 😂 It’s so hard who even am I what are facts 😂😂 Anyway, you’re a paranormal investigator?!! That is so cool. Also PUFF PRIDE

    Liked by 1 person

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