Biannual Bibliothon – Day 5 – Character Connections

Character Connections

Today’s challenge for the Biannual Bibliothon is to talk about 1-2 characters that we connect to on a personal level. We can then talk about a certain situation that we think they could have handled differently. I won’t be doing the second half, but I will be talking about 2 characters who mean the world to me. One isn’t from a book so it MIGHT be cheating, but honestly it’s so hard for me to find single characters that I relate to because I see bits and pieces in myself in characters rather than every part of me. Anyway! Today’s challenge is being hosted by Ashely @ In My Minds so make sure to check out her blog!



CHALLENGES COMPLETED:  3/7 (4 if I double up)


Hermione Granger, Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Hermione Granger
“Honestly, am I the only person who’s ever bothered to read Hogwarts: A History?”

Predictable choice? Maybe. I don’t care though. I’m not even sure how to express just how much Hermione means to me and how much I relate to her, but I’ll try.

I was 11 the first time I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Besides Goosebumps and Baby Sitters Club books it was one of the first books I ever read. It’s what made me fall in love with reading and Hermione Granger played a huge part in that.

Whilst I’ve never been academically minded in Primary School I was always the “Good Student”. I never disrupted the class, I always did my homework (even if it was at the last minute) and I had never received a detention or any other kind of reprimand. I won merit certificate awards every year and one year even won an overall award. I was quiet and always listened ect.

Up until reading about Hermione I had never seen someone like me treated in such a positive away. I always used to be teased at school for being so well behaved and for rather spending time in the library than running a muck at lunch and recess. Whilst I did lose a lot of my Good Student vibes in high school I NEVER lost my love for reading or learning and having someone like Hermione there reminded me that it was OKAY to enjoy things that other kids thought were “lame” or whatever.

Another thing I love about Hermione is that she gets to save the day. I’d NEVER seen a girl be so heavily involved in the kind of adventure she was. She inspired me so much and she still does. I am so thankful a character like her exists for young girls.

April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

April Ludgate
“I can convince small children that I’m a witch.”

A complete 360 to Hermione (well, I think April is really intelligent) but April Ludgate is the epitome of “ME”. She is who I am inside my head and who I wish I could be on the outside too and kind of am to a lesser degree. The quote I used for the aesthetic edit is funny because so many of my younger cousins and siblings have called me a witch and I think I genuinely convinced them that I have powers 😂.

April can come across as quiet detached and uncaring, but she really loves the people she cares about and will do anything for them (even if she doesn’t like admitting it). That’s pretty much me in a sentence. I have major trust issues and don’t like letting new people in, however the people that are in my life I am fiercely protective of.

I really wish I had April’s confidence and seeing her be herself so unapologetically does wonders for my anxiety. It really helps me realise that it’s okay to be a bit weird (I ALMOST chose to talk about Luna Lovegood, but decided to not use Harry Potter exclusively. Actually now that I think about it Luna is a more dreamy version of April). I am who I am and that’s okay. I can like ghosts and true crime and get way too passionate about things and I shouldn’t care what people think.

So many of the things she’s said have made me yell THAT IS HONESTLY ME. Some of these include: 

  • “I’m just gonna go live under a bridge and ask people riddles before they cross.”
  • “The air is too fresh. It’s disgusting. I can’t breathe.”
  • “I didn’t win, but at least I didn’t make any new friendships.”
  • “They [animals] should be rewarded for not being people. I hate people.”
  • “I hate talking to people about things.”
  • “I don’t want to do things. I want to not do things.”

She also loves Halloween and other things a lot of people would think were macabre or dark which, sorry to repeat myself but, ME???

I just have such a special place in my heart for April Ludgate and I’m so happy she exists.


What are some characters you connect to?

If you’re participating in the Biannual Bibliothon, good luck with your TBR.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

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8 thoughts on “Biannual Bibliothon – Day 5 – Character Connections

  1. I absolutely love Hermione for the exact reasons you stated! As a kid I was bullied for being serious about school etc so Hermione helped me a lot. I haven’t seen Parks and Recreation, but April sounds like a great character!

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  2. Oh I love this post, it was so great to know why you relate to Hermione so much. I could relate to her a lot as well, as the good student that was always quiet ahah 🙂

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  3. I really love this post Lauren, and you’ve pretty much put into words how I felt about Hermione’s character when I first started reading Harry Potter as well. She was such a role model for me growing up, I did want to be just like her because there was always so much about her character I identified with. Also while I can’t say I relate to April as much she is probably my favourite character from Parks and Rec, I think I definitely have the same sense of humour she does! 😀
    Again great post. 🙂 ❤

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  4. Hermione and April are both great characters. I love the guilty look April does to the camera whenever she gets caught doing something nice. I think I’m a cross between Leslie and Ron. I always used to be the kid in class who carried on working when the teacher left the room so I definitely connected with Hermione too!

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  5. I really love what you said about Hermione because I’ve always connected with her for similar reasons. As a kid, I was mocked for the fact that I’d rather stay inside with a book. It was so refreshing to see someone like me represented in a positive light – and seeing Hermione come up with the answers was amazing. She’s still one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, and I don’t care if it’s a cliche 🙂

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