Biannual Bibliothon – Day 1 – Bibliothon Book Tag!

Biannual Bibliothon 1

The Biannual Bibliothon is a week long readathon that’s hosted by a bunch of lovely people. It runs from 23rd to the 29th of July. There’s a whole range of challenges that involve reading, BookTube, Bookstagram and BLOGGING! To find out ALL the information you can check out their YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.  Since I like over committing myself I’ve decided that along with attempting the reading challenges I’m going to try and participate in some of the blogging challenges too! I thought it was really cool that blogging challenges were being included because I notice that’s a platform that tends to get ignored when it comes to readathon challenges. We’re not all BookTubers or Bookstagrammers so it’s really cool to see Blogging get a spot!

The blogging challenge for Day 1 is a Summer Book Tag, which I’ve changed up a little because πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊSOUTHERN HEMISPHERE LIFEπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί. It’s being hosted by 4teenliars! So make sure to stop by their blog.


What are you planning to read for the Summer Biannual Bibliothon?

Okay, so whenever I do TBRs they end up being more of a “loose guide”. I normally have a bunch of books because I have no idea what I want to read. So this is VERY tentative.

The Martian Waking Gods (Themis Files, #2) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)

Read a book from the hosts’ favourite genre: I went with Sci-Fi and will either be reading The Martian or Waking Gods.
Read a banned book: I think I might finally attempt rereading Philosopher’s Stone because it’s been YEARS.

Spell on Wheels, Vol. 1 The Special Ones

LGBTQIAP+ Book: This is a last minute addition to my TBR. I just found out about this comic today, Spell on Wheels, when I watched Cece @ ProblemsofaBookNerd’s Booktube TBR video and it sounds amazing?? There’s queer witches and they’re tracking down some magic items that were stolen from them!
Throwback Challenge: 
I’m choosing Read a book you were really excited for but never picked up and will hopefully be reading The Special Ones. I loved Em Bailey’s first book Shift. I wanted something new from her so badly and I was so excited for this but for some reason it’s been over a year and I still haven’t picked it up?

There’s a Read the Group Book challenge which is Flame in the Mist that I won’t be participating in because I know trying to read a Fantasy at the moment will put me in a slump. I also don’t think I’ll be participating in the Book to Movie Adaptation challenge unless I decide to rewatch Philosopher’s Stone. I’m just not a movie watcher. As for the Read A Book You’ve Seen Somewhere Other than BookTube then literally ALL these books counts because I either found them from blogs or Goodreads.

What is your favourite genre to read in Summer Winter?

I’m not really the type of person who needs to read specific genres in certain seasons? I guess I could say Thrillers though because they’re pretty much all I’ve read this month. I do really love reading those curled up in bed and it’s even better if it’s stormy outside.

Where is your favourite place to read in the Summer Winter?

The only place I like reading is in my bed. It doesn’t matter what the season is.

What is your favourite challenge done in the Summer Biannual Bibliothon?

I attempted the readathon last year, but failed hardcore so I can’t really answer this! I love that Blogging has been incorporated this year if that counts?

What fictional character would you hang out in the Summer Winter if you could?

The Raven Cycle gang 100%.

What are your plans for Summer Winter

Image result for do nothing gif

Do you have summer Winter reading playlist,If not what would be on it?

I don’t really have reading playlists. I just normally put my iTunes on shuffle. At the moment I’m absolutely in love with Waterparks and Grayscale so I keep replaying their albums on repeat.

What is your favourite Summer Winter movie?

My answers are SO boring, but I’m just not a movie watcher??? I do love watching horrors when it’s storming outside though.

What book do you read every Summer Winter, if not what thing do you do every summer Winter?

Image result for sleeping gif

What other book tags are you planning to do this Summer Winter?

Well since my laptop died and all the things I’d been tagged in where saved in a Chrome Bookmarks folder I literally have no idea. It’ll be a surprise for both of us.


Are you participating in the Biannual Bibliothon?

What are you planning on reading?

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

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22 thoughts on “Biannual Bibliothon – Day 1 – Bibliothon Book Tag!

  1. OH yes, I would LOVe to hang out with The Raven Cycle gang in the summer, winter, ALL SEASONS really, it has to be THE BEST ahh ❀ Lovely answers, Lauren! πŸ™‚


          1. YES, I feel the exact same way. Re-reading always shed some sort of new light on the book for sure. I’m re-reading one of my favorite books right now and I feel like I’m getting so much more out of it than the first time I read it. It is SO cool πŸ˜€


  2. Oh great answers for this tag/readathon introduction Lauren. I’m the same because winter or summer I always prefer reading in bed to anywhere else. I just have to be careful I don’t nap more than I read! πŸ˜€ Also The Raven Cycle gang would be amazing to hang out with no matter the season, if only right?
    I hope you manage to get around to all these books, I get what you mean about TBR’s being more loose guides than anything else. πŸ™‚ I’ve heard great things about The Martian, and the Philosopher’s Stone is amazing, I need to re-read it at some point as well! πŸ˜€ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Beth! Haha yes, trying not to fall asleep can be a struggle at times πŸ˜‚especially because I do my majority of reading at night. I want to be their friend so badly!! They’d be so fun to hang out with.

      Thanks so much!! It’s been way too long since I’ve reread the Harry Potter books so I think it’s definitely time!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am keeping my fingers crossed for hopes that you read The Martian!
    Once I read about Spell Witches on your post, I went to Amazon and added it onto my wishlist. Yup, I really want that graphic novel like right now but I can’t have it…I need to tackle a huge TBR lol. Good luck with the readathon! I am rooting for you =D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been trying to read it for so long and life keeps getting in the way πŸ˜ͺ but I love what I have managed to read! So I’m sure I’ll enjoy the whole book πŸ˜€ I actually read and finished Spell on Wheels and just thought I’d give you a heads up that the queer rep isn’t as prominent as I was expecting. It was still awesome though. The main characters were all such badasses and their was great feminism rep! Thanks Gretchen πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG I didn’t realize there were blogging challenges going on this year. Maybe I’ll have to impromptu join! Fun post!


  5. I absolutely love how your plans are to do nothing!! And yes, to bloggers finally being included in a readathon, I feel like the book blogging community gets the shit end of the stick when it comes to readathons, it’s almost like we don’t exist sometimes!


    1. Haha, thanks Ashley! It’s probably not the most ideal thing, but I figure that way I have no pressure on myself πŸ˜‚ and yes I 100% agree!! Bloggers definitely seem to be left out in a lot of things. It’s kinda sad because pretty sure this is how the book community started? Nothing against people who choose BookTube or Bookstagram, but I wish blogging got more love!!


  6. These would be all my answers to XD I don’t really do anything by season? I mean I pull my jumpers out when it’s cold but that’s it. I just don’t change things up by seasons like if I wanna read a horror in summer or a contemp in winter I do. Good luck on this readathon and reading HP again! I listened to the audio a few months ago and was so surprised about how much I forgot

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Aw, I’m not participating in this, sadly!
    I’m super excited that you’ve got The Martian on the list! It’s a pretty interesting book – though it can get overwhelming at times! I hope you get around to it and enjoy it! Plus HP and the Philosopher’s Stone?? You’re gonna have a cracking time!
    Also – you’re not the only one. I feel like sleeping in winter all the time…though to be fair, I love sleeping all the time :’)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like I’ve been trying to read it forever, but things keep happening and I have to put it down πŸ˜‚ I’ve loved what I’ve read so far though! Even if the a lot of the technical jargon is going over my head, haha. I had such an amazing time rereading Philosopher’s Stone!!!

      HAHA, yes!!! Same πŸ˜‚


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