Music Monday ๐ŸŽง Albums I’ve Been Loving Lately

Music Monday April

Hey guys! I’m back with another Music Monday post!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Top 5 post so I’m combining the months I’ve missed into one. There’s been so many good albums released recently it was really hard to narrow it down (unfortunately All Time Low’s new album was not one I was able to get into) so obviously I decided to remove my “5” limit because I don’t know how to make decisions!!!!!!!


Waterparks – Double Dare (2016)
Pop Rock

HI MEET THE NEW LOVES OF MY LIFE. I’d heard of Waterparks for a while now. I saw their name a lot last year during Warped Tour but for some reason I just hadn’t gotten around to listening to them. I started using Spotify’s Discover playlist a lot this year and they were on there. I listened to their song “Stupid For You” and really dug it. I downloaded their album, but kinda forgot about it because my music collection is riddiculous. Anyway, I randomly decided to listen to it last month and I got to their song “Royals” and I just instantly fell in love. I can’t even explain it – it’s just that instant connection that I swear you can only experience with a song. I wish I could just like copy and paste every single lyric of theirs because I love them so much. I immediately watched all the music videos and all their interviews and fell in love with them as people. Now, listening to any song off this album instantly makes me SO HAPPY. Finding their music has helped me so much and I’m so grateful.

Songs You Should Listen To:

You all don’t even know how much I’m struggling not to include the entire album

Paramore – After Laughter (2017)
Alt. Pop

Um, wait a minute Lauren. Weren’t you just saying that you HATED Hard Times? Okay, yes BUT I’M A GIANT HYPOCRITE OKAY.  When I first heard After Laughter I wasn’t a fan. My favourite Paramore will always be Riot! era Paramore not only for nostalgic purposes but also because I just prefer raw and gritty music to upbeat and poppy. However, I did enjoy their self-titled which was way more pop than rock. Anyway, the more I listened to After Laughter and read about Hayley’s creative process for the album the more I appreciated it. Despite sounding super fun, the lyrics are really dark and that’s one of my favourite things ever when it comes to music. I think it’s great symbolism for people themselves. It’s pretty obvious that Hayley was in a dark place when she wrote this album and I can relate SO much. Musically, it’s still not my favourite but I am absolutely in love with all the lyrics and I’m enjoying it so much more now.

Songs You Should Listen To:

Grayscale – Adornment (2017)
Pop Punk

I mentioned Grayscale in my Top 5 Music of April post. Their sophomore album was released in May and it was everything I wanted and needed it to be. With tons of artists changing things up sometimes I just love having music that’s consistent and what I know??? And this album delivered. It’s such a solid pop punk release. It manages to stand out and all the songs make me feel something and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. If you love pop punk and want some new bands then I can’t recommend Grayscale enough!!

Songs You Should Listen To:

Halsey – hopeless fountain kingdom (2017)
Alt Pop

hopeless fountain kingdom is another album I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy as much as I did. When Halsey released Now or Never I liked it, but I didn’t connect with it the way I did with songs she’d released from Badlands. Still – it was HALSEY so I was pumped to see what else she’d created. However, listening to hopeless fountain kingdom in full was such a wonderful experience. The more I listened the more I fell in love and appreciated the atmospheric experience of it all. It was an incredible piece of work that flowed together so perfectly. On the first listen the opening verses of “Sorry” hit me so hard (because I’ve unintentionally hurt so many people because my mental illness) I just started crying and “Angel On Fire” describes the way anxiety has affected my life so accurately. I just want to live and breathe this album.

Songs You Should Listen To:

Lorde – Melodrama (2017)
Alt. Pop

When “Royals” first blew up….. I hated it. However, the more I heard it the more I loved it and when Pure Heroine was released I was such a fan. I couldn’t wait for Lorde to release new music. Even though a lot of people weren’t feeling “Greenlight” I loved it INSTANTLY. The opening verse still gives me chills. The rest of the album was just as amazing too. I know it was a lot of pressure to live up to her debut, but she definitely did in my opinion!! Lorde is so talented. It can be hard to stand out in the music industry especially in the Pop genre but she does it so effortlessly.

Songs You Should Listen To:

SAINTE – smile, and wave [EP] (2017)
Pop Rock

Sainte is the new project of Tay Jardine, along with Cameron Hurley and Mike Ferri from We Are The In Crowd. When WATIC announced their hiatus I was devastated. I never got to see them live and they were the band that Waterparks is for me now. They just made me so incredibly happy. Tay is one of my favourite people ever because she just constantly inspires me (and she’s a babe!!). This is another “I didn’t originally like it” situation because when she released “Technicolor” I was not a fan. However, when I heard “With Or Without Me” I liked it a lot more. It actually wasn’t until her latest song from this EP, “Eyes Are Open” that I REALLY fell in love though. I was honestly not expecting to love this EP as much as I did but I think it’s one of my favourite releases from this year. The non-released songs were really different to what I was expecting. I was thinking she was going to go full on Pop, but there’s definitely the more rock-y elements there that I loved from WATIC.

Songs You Should Listen To:


What are some albums that you’ve been loving lately?

Have you listened to any of these?

I hope youโ€™re all having a fantastic day!

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21 thoughts on “Music Monday ๐ŸŽง Albums I’ve Been Loving Lately

  1. I’ll hold my hands up, i’ve never listed to Sainte but I just clicked If you ever feel alone and I love it! Going to check her out now…. running away to do it… bye. ily thanks for introducing me x


  2. Sainte sounds so good, I’ll definitely have to check out more of their stuff! I adored Lorde’s new album – my favorites were Hard Feelings/Loveless, and Sober! I need to give Paramore’s new album a listen. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post, Lauren!

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dude you and Waterparks ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    I still haven’t listened to Halsey’s new album but I’m definitely going to soon!!


  4. eeeeK! the videos are blocked here at my home away from home (woooork *sobs*) I’ll be listening to all these when I get home since I’m always looking for new music ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Halsey’s new album is AMAZING!! I’ve been listening to it on repeat for days now and I love it so much. I think “Alone” is my favorite song on it โค


  6. WATERPARKS! Love that album so much as well and I understand what you say about just connecting to a song like that.
    I’ve been really behind on new releases lately, and I REALLY, REALLY need to give the new Halsey and Lorde albums a listen. And I need to give Paramore a few more listens as well – I wasn’t that big a fan on first listen but like for you I think it may grow on me with a few more listens still ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I honestly have not stopped listening to Waterparks. They released a new video for Gloom Boys and I think I watched it 30 times ๐Ÿ˜‚ Yes, defs listen to Halsey and Lorde!! They’re both amazing. I hope the new Paramore album grows on you too!!!


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