Music Monday 🎧 Songs I Jammed Before I Turned Emo

Songs I Jammed Before I Turned Emo

Believe it or not I didn’t always used to be Emo/Pop Punk Trash™ there was even a time when I didn’t even really listen to music. I KNOW, RIGHT? Anyway, I thought it’d be interesting to look back at some of the songs I listened to before I discovered the wonder that was MySpace and black eyeliner. You can actually sorta pinpoint when it all started to head that way before I even realised myself. I’m also hardcore showing my age in this post because these are all songs from the late 90s-early 00s.

There are SO MANY bands I didn’t mention in this post, but I feel like there’s too many already. My parents mostly listened to 80’s Glam Metal and Pub Rock so those bands really influenced me.

To sum up my music taste Pre-2005 then all I’ll say is: So Fresh CDs.


PHASE ONE: Kid Lauren Has No Idea What’s She’s Doing

Ahh yes. My parents owned this album on CASSETTE TAPE. I had no idea what was happening, but I remember thinking these girls were SO DAMN COOL. I was 7 and I just wanted to be them??? I would ALWAYS wear my hair like Baby Spice. Also, in year 3 me and a group of girls did a dance to this in front of the entire class???

Another artist my parents always listened to was Shania Twain. I especially love this song because it was also their wedding song and I was a bridesmaid so it’s still really special to me.

B*Witched’s album is one of the FIRST albums I ever bought for myself. I still know all the words to this song and jam out to it if it ever comes up on shuffle.

Who didn’t go through a Backstreet Boys phase? Unless you were insistently Team N*Sync. I still love their music, honestly. I think Nick Carter was my first “real crush” which is super embarrassing, but I was a pre-teen in the 90s so what do you expect?

Do I even need to say anything? Kid me had so many unrealistic expectations of high school because of this video.

I can’t even express my love for S Club 7. I had EVERYTHING they ever released. This magazine thing they had. Their dolls. I watched the TV series over and over. I LOVE THEM.

Yep, Avril is in the “Kid Lauren” phase because I was 12 when I first bought her Let Go album. I don’t really think I was old enough to appreciate Avril and everything she stood for, but I think it was when I started to realise I didn’t want to be the way that I thought I had to be? I just wasn’t old enough to really figure it out. Anyway. I used to play her CD on repeat so much that my mum actually took it off me because she was sick of hearing it lmao.

PHASE TWO: Lauren Tries Too Hard to Fit in at School

The phase where I listened to nothing but Rap and Hip Hop because that’s what everyone at my school listened to and I just wanted to have some friends lmao. Honestly, I genuinely still like all these songs. There isn’t really much to say about this. I just really loved Nelly and Ja Rule and Ashanti collabs. I still have the most vivid memory of singing/dancing to Ride Wit Me at my Year 7 camp disco?????

PHASE THREE: Lauren is Pop … Rock?

Hilary Duff aka My Queen. I remember getting this album for Christmas and we were going on a road trip and I played it the ENTIRE TIME ON A PORTABLE CD PLAYER. I honestly love Hilary Duff so much.

Ahh, Delta. I think ever teenage girl in Australia went through a stage where they were in love with her. She was one of my biggest inspirations as an early teen. I used to even post regularly on her “official forum”.

The Love of 15 Year Old Lauren’s Life. You don’t even understand how badly I wanted to live in this music video. I was so jealous.

Some of you may know Tammin Sursok as Jenna from Pretty Little Liars, but I know her as Dani from the Aussie soap Home and Away. She was my favourite. When she left the show she tried the whole singing thing. I love her music, but she only ever made one album which made me sad haha. I think she did a cover of Say Something a few years back? I was actually a moderator on her official Sony forum when I was 15 (I thought I was so cool) and I met some of the best people and I’m still friends with a couple of them!!

PHASE 4: Lauren is 00s Rock

Remember that era were all that was on the radio was Pop Rock-ish bands? And that sound that I can only think to describe as “2000s Rock” ??? Yeah. THAT WAS MY LIFE. I know Iris was released in 1998, but I never heard it until the early 00s, so it counts.

PHASE FIVE: Lauren is Almost Emo™

I jammed this SO much. Ironically, I now feel like I am the woman in this video. Kind of. Except with no kids and if you replace 1985 with 2005.

I had no idea who Green Day or Good Charlotte were??? I literally had NO IDEA that they were some of the biggest and most influential bands in the Alt music scene I just remember thinking these songs sounded REALLY cool. It was also the first time I listened to something that had a lot more guitar/drum than most radio songs.

Kisschasy is the band that made me absolutely fall in love with and appreciate music on a whole new level. Before this I just listened to generally Top 40 stuff. I saw this video on Video Hits (there’s a throwback, Aussies!!) and I just fell in love??? This band is the reason I decided that I wanted music to be a part of my life forever. It’s what made me realise that there was more out there than just whatever the radio played. Sadly, I never got to see them live before they broke up but I still appreciate them so much for what they did.

I saw the video for Perfect on Channel [V] and at first I didn’t like it. At all. Every time it came on I would change the channel lmao. Then I just decided to leave it on and the more I heard it the more I loved it??? I literally had no idea what Pop Punk even was, but this song all of a sudden just became my life. Then I heard Welcome To My Life and it’s going to make me sound lke the most CLICHE TEENAGE EVER, but it was the FIRST TIME I felt like someone TRULY got me. I was a 15 year old trying to deal with a mental illness that I knew nothing about and all the thoughts in my head made me feel so alone because I  knew no one who felt that way. Then I heard this song and I was just like someone FINALLY GOT WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE ME. It was life changing. Simple Plan is the reason why I found Fall Out Boy (which is how I ultimately found MySpace and everything else). Simple Plan finally helped me figure out who I wanted to be and then when I found Fall Out Boy it cemented it.


Because I have no self control I made a playlist with a BUNCH more songs on it, so check that out for a Nostalgia Overload!!


What are some of the earliest songs that you remember listening to?

Did you listen to any of these? Would love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day.

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53 thoughts on “Music Monday 🎧 Songs I Jammed Before I Turned Emo

  1. This post has me wanting to go through all my old CDs and listen to them, hahaha. I was hardcore obsessed with Good Charlotte and Simple Plan when I was younger. I remember Good Charlotte came out with these collectible dolls of themselves and I still have them, haha. And I got to meet them at a VIP signing at one of their concerts and literally cried lmao


  2. ALL OF THIS is me. I love how you broke it down by phases because that’s definitely how my music taste developed. Although I did go through a country phase around age 10 (what can I say, I grew up in Oklahoma, it was inevitable). I also went through the “trying to fit in” phase around age 11 where I listened to all the hip-hop/rap stuff. I can’t wait to check out your playlist!!


    1. Haha, yessss!!!!! I think the closest I ever got to country was Shania Twain and Early Taylor Swift 😂 even though they’re definitely more Pop. My Dad is really obsessed with country music now, but it obviously just skipped me hahaha. I can’t really listen to much Rap stuff now, but all those songs I still really like?? Haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s definitely an element of nostalgia when it comes to music from the 2000s. I go through phases where I listen to all those old hits. I think it has more to do with that music finding me at a specific time when I needed it in some way than in the actual quality of music haha.


  3. This list is so real. I recently went through a nostalgic phase and made a Spotify playlist of all the old songs I used to listen to too! I think the oldest song I remember listening to is A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, or Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett LOL.


  4. Oh my god Lauren this could literally be a soundtrack to my childhood all the way through high school because I listened to, and probably loved, all of these songs at one point of another. I definitely remember most of them being played in the Common Room when I was in sixth form hanging out with all my friends! 🙂
    I’m probably going to have to listen to all these again, just for nostalgia’s sake! Great post. 😀 ❤


  5. OMG YES! We share the same childhood I swear. I was the youngest on my street growing up and I was always Baby Spice because of that. I still very much enjoy The Spice Girls. My friends still have get togethers to listen to the Backstreet Boys. I also couldn’t agree more with Avril! I was a little younger than you when Let Go was released, and she blew up… didn’t she was from Ontario (which is he province I live in). But I wasn’t old enough to understand all of her songs, but it made me seem edgy, haha!
    Ha, your phase two! I went through this phase too! Ugh Nelly & Kelly Rowland, such a good song!
    Dude phase four! I thought I was the only one who thought the early 2000’s sounded like this and I sometimes try to find songs to make a playlist to just reminisce.
    I’m not going to lie, I know all the words to a lot of Simple Plan songs from that era and I don’t even like them. I don’t know a lot of people who like them, but apparently they are more popular in the States than here in Canada (or possibly it’s just Toronto :\)


    1. Haha, yes!!!! Glad you enjoyed a lot of these too 😀

      I felt the same way with Avril. I definitely didn’t appreciate how important she was for that music scene, but I felt really cool listening to her 😂

      Dilemma is such a JAM.

      It was such a good genre of music??? I know it gets a lot of shit, but I love it???

      Same 😂 That’s so weird too because they’re from Canada?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your post was a trip done memory lane that’s for sure! I really wish Avril still made music like that, instead of whatever that crap is now she’s creating. She took a weird turn with Girlfriend.
        Haha I couldn’t agree more, it was a good genre!
        I don’t know Canadians are very weird about Canadian artists, like we don’t like them, but secretly we do. I don’t know how to describe it. Like we get kinda sick of hearing them, like I don’t know many people who outright say they love Shaina Twain, but secretly they do (not going to lie I know the words to most of her songs, but that’s just cuz I grew up with her). I feel like that was a bad example. :\

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  6. I actually had both of B*Witched’s albums and I loved them to pieces. One album I can remember listening to on repeat was actually The Smallville Soundtrack, and I listened to Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill a lot! (THEY’RE MAKING IT INTO A MUSICAL NOW AND I AM ODDLY EXCITED FOR THAT NOSTALGIA! SO MUCH THAT I MUST WRITE IN ALL CAPS IN YOUR COMMENTS SECTION!)


    1. YESSS. Their songs were always so fun!!!

      Ooh, that’s so cool!! I kinda never really got into Smallville (it never really aired properly here in Aus and I had terrible internet back in the day so I couldn’t watch it online, haha) or Alanis, but I do have a few songs of hers on my itunes and they’re so good.


  7. Green day aaaahhhhhh ❤❤❤❤❤ I love them so much hahaha your phase 4 is quite nice though, I love thr 90s and 00s 🙂


  8. Haha this is great 😀 I’m a bit younger so I wasn’t really into Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys, but I played Avril’s first three albums and everything by Rihanna over and over again. I also loooved Tokio Hotel, they were my first favourite band back in 2005! 😂 I got into Linkin Park when I was 10-ish and then heard a song by Bring Me the Horizon two years later and oops, emo 😂


    1. Thank youuuu. I love Rihanna! I actually listened to her Post-Emo though. I’m surprised I never got into Tokio Hotel because they were HUGE when I was on MySpace. Hahaha, I love it!! I actually didn’t get into BMTH until a couple years after my initial emo phase. I never really used to be a fan of “heavy” music, but now go figure it’s my favourite genre 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tbh I still listen to emo music every now and then, but usually it’s older songs that I still enjoy. I rarely look for new emo music cause I mostly like radio stuff now? I’ve got really basic in the past year 😂


              1. Oh yeah, I think most emo kids are super pretentious, especially about their music taste 😂 I used to think I was so much better than everyone else cause I listened to screamy bands 😂😂


                  1. I felt really cool about listening to Linkin Park and Green Day, even tho literally everyone listened to them 😂


  9. Oh my, this post is just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! And it’s funny how much I relate to every single one of your phases! I absolutely went through all of these myself and you featured so many of my (then) (and some still to this day) FAVORITES!
    I think for me it also all started with Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys (and N*Sync and YES, S CLUB 7!) and then I also LOVED Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Jesse McCartney. And of course Nelly and Ja Rule where everywhere ❤
    And then 2000s rock is where my music taste really started to evolve and grow! Linkin Park and Papa Roach were my faves, but OMG I think I played The Reason by Hoobastank about a MILLION times. And The Calling and Goo Goo Dolls were also iconic.
    Then came Green Day and Good Charlotte indeed 🙂
    I think I went from them to Fall Out Boy and well, the rest is emo history 😀


    1. Ahhh, yay!!! So glad you could relate to this 😀 😀 I honestly feel like music is one of the most powerful things in the world when it comes to nostalgia ♥

      I got into Papa Roach after Fall Out Boy but I remember non-stop listening to Scar. That is honestly one of my all time favourite songs!!!


  10. So many flashbacks for me in this. My whole childhood was loving Britney Spears, Girls Aloud and Spice Girls etc! This really made me think about my own music tastes and I can’t actually pinpoint it now because I like so many different types. My itunes is full of random from the good old ones from Green Day, My Chemical Romance, to Deaf Havana, Pretty Reckless then Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Niall Horan and then country music like Carrie Underwood etc I could go on but I think you get the idea I tend to listen to everything! I have my moments where I love some the most but literally it’s just a bit of everything for me! The only music I can’t listen to personally is screamer music, where it’s pure scream


    1. Girls Aloud!! I forgot about them ahh, thank you for reminding me. Gonna add them to my playlist too!!! I was in love with Deaf Havana a few years ago! I saw them live at an Australian festival and they were all extremely sunburned 😂😂 but really good!!

      Ooh yes, I definitely relate to that. There’s no way I could group my music taste now. I listen to all of this plus so much more now. I mean I mostly stick to Pop Punk/Rock/Hardcore but I still love cheesy pop songs and even musicals now apparently, haha.

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  11. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!! Seriously major childhood/pre-teen days flashbacks right now because most of these are songs I grew up listening to as well. Shania Twain, the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears were actually my childhood soundtrack because my mom was boyband/girlband obsessed and my cousin was big time into Britney. And it’s funny that Nick Carter was your first real crush because his brother Aaron Carter was mine! 😂 And Avril’s Let Go album was one of my favorites. I got that one for my eleventh birthday I think and had Sk8ter Boi on repeat for months and months lol. I also had a whole phase where I listened to Rap and Hip Hop because everyone else did. And Jessie McCartney, Hillary Duff, Lighthouse, The Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, and so many others. This post is a giant trip down nostalgia lane and I love it, Lauren!! 😁


    1. Ahhh, yayyyy!! Music is one of the most powerful nostalgia inducers, I swear! Haha, I love that so much. I think I was a little bit too old for the Aaron Carter stage, but I remember him being on Lizzie McGuire 😂😂 I do still jam out to Candy if I ever hear it anywhere.😂

      Liked by 1 person

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