Wonderless Designs: society6 & RedBubble Stores (+ A GIVEAWAY!!)

Wonderless Designs

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me talking about my society6 and RedBubble stores for a while now, but I never officially mentioned them on my blog. So that’s what this post is about.

Currently, I mostly have The Raven Cycle designs up because it gives me the most inspiration. There’s also designs inspired by: Illuminae, Nevernight, Six of Crows, Throne of Glass and a general bookish design. I am planning SO MANY MORE though. I just finished Gemina so expect it to be inundated with designs for that. I’m also working on Shades of Magic designs and more general bookish ones.

Some of you guys have ALREADY purchased my stuff and I honestly can not express in words how grateful I am. It’s seriously overwhelming. I 100% understand that you may not be able to purchase anything and that’s fine! If you’re able to, just favouriting or promoting my designs (which is 100% free) helps me out a lot!


Click on the images or provided links to go to the product page. 


sticker4  sticker3
sticker sticker2

Spiral Notebooks & Hardcover Journals

Spiral Notebook 2.png Spiral Notebook 1.png

Phone Cases, Mugs


society6 // RedBubble


society6 // RedBubble


society6 // RedBubble


society6 // RedBubble

Pouches, Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, Tapestry


society6 // RedBubble


society6 // RedBubble


society6 // RedBubble


society6 // RedBubble

This is only a handful of my current products.

You can find ALL my society6 designs HERE.

You can find ALL my RedBubble designs HERE.


To say thank you for all your guys support and encouragement with my designs I’m giving away 1 Redbubble OR society6 Gift Card for $25AUD.

The giveaway opens on the 5th November and closes on the 15th November. I’ll contact the winner sometime after that.

The Important Stuff

  • There’ll be ONE winner.
  • As much as I wish I could give you a gift voucher for both stores you can only choose ONE.
  • The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL as long as RedBubble or Society6 ships to your country. You can see what countries RedBubble doesn’t ship to here. You can see what countries society6 ships to here. If RB or S6 doesn’t ship to you I am really sorry!
  • Make sure to check out the terms and conditions for society6’s gift cards. 
  • If you win, you don’t have to buy my products. I’m not that self-centered 😅. I mean if you wanna though, I’m not going to complain 😎.
  • You’ll need to feel comfortable giving me your email address so I can send the gift card to you.
  • Because of the above requirement, you’ll need to be over 18 or have your parents permission.
  • I accept no responsibility for damages or losses. 


You just need to click on the image to go visit the Rafflecopter page and follow the instructions!!


Or click here: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/4430f85b2/?


If you’re entering the Giveaway let me know what you plan on purchasing!

I’d love to hear any of your thoughts on my current products. Thanks again for all being so supportive.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day xx

46 thoughts on “Wonderless Designs: society6 & RedBubble Stores (+ A GIVEAWAY!!)

  1. Oh, I didn’t know you had a store! I went to check it out and I am seriously considering buying either the Cabeswater or the “I’m being perfectly fucking civil” mug, even if I don’t win the giveaway 😀


  2. Aaah! Thank you so much for this super awesome giveaway! I would looove to win the “Rattle the Stars” laptop skin from your RedBubble store!!


  3. I can confirm the designs are amazing – and the society6 tote bag I bought is one of my favourite things ever.


  4. Your designs are AWESOME, and I wish I could buy some of these, well I most definitely will someday when I have more money ahah, (or if I win the giveaway?!!) I love these so much, especially the Raven boys ones! ❤ Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!! ❤


  5. I love this idea!! How wonderful!
    I ❤️ the Rattle the Stars case: I would get that for my phone! I’m hoping you do some Lunar Chronicles merchandise, because I can think of some amazing quotes!
    So how does this work: you have the images and they put them on the merchandise? Because that’s an amazing idea. And I’m so proud of you for making it happen. Your designs are great: I love the journals with the Merciless quote from Illuminae but I haven’t read it yet…but all your images are stunning!
    If I won, I’d be buying your designs for sure!
    Here’s hoping!!


    1. Thanks so so much 💕💕

      Ooh good idea about The Lunar Chronicles!! Do you have any (non spoilery) quotes in mind?

      And yeah, they make the actual product and I make the design. RB/s6 are responsible for all the complicated stuff like actually shipping the product to you 😂


  6. Your designs are always so amazing Lauren but omg that ‘rattle the stars’ one I’m so 😍😍😍 I NEED it! I’d probably get it as either a tote bag or a notebook from Redbubble (which tends to run cheaper for us Aussies)


  7. All of your designs are so gorgeous Lauren! I’ve been eyeing the Nevernight quote one since you first posted about starting a S6 and RB but haven’t been able to buy anything yet. Hopefully soon! I’ll definitely be getting a pillow with that design on it when I can. 😊


  8. I’m really loving your designs, Lauren! I’d purchase all of them if I am a merch-purchasing type of person (and if I’m not broke) – especially that Rattle the Stars notebook. I’m not a fan of SJM, but the colours are so pretty and I love the look. ❤


  9. This is great! Congratulations on opening up your accounts and creating these awesome products! I really want the No Mourners No Funerals throw pillow! Or the Life is Better When You’re Reading mug or pillow! I love your designs and I’m really looking forward to the Shades of Magic products!!! My fave series ever. Good luck!


  10. These are all so great Lauren! I especially love the Cabeswater notebook and everything Throne of Glass because I love the ‘Rattle the Stars’ quote and I love the colours and design!


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