I Need To Be Banned From Netgalley // ARC August

ARC August

ARC August is a month long challenge of reading ARCs. It’s hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat. You don’t have to only read ARCs – it’s just a way to try and help motivate us to get through them. The ARCs can be old or new. The only requirement is that they’re ARCs. You can read as many or as little as you’d like.

Signs ups close on July 31st. You can still participate without signing up. The sign ups are just if you want to win a giveaway that’s being hosted.

For more information and to sign up check out this post

ARCs I Want to Read

Despite having a ton of ARCs I need to read, I just can’t help requesting more. I have to admit I have gained a lot more self control with Netgalley, but then there’s days where I’ll just go on a binge-request spree.

Like always my TBR is just a loose guide. I’m definitely not going to read all of these and I don’t want to force myself to read anything because you know….. the whole Mood Reader thing. I also want to read books that aren’t ARCs so I’ll probably only get through a few of these.

Breathing Under Water by Sophie Hardcastl The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

Breathing Under Water by Sophie Hardcastle || July 12th – This is an Australian contemporary YA that focuses on friendship, family and grief. I have a physical ARC of this so I really want to read it soon. I actually did start reading it the other night and made it about a 1/4 of the way through so I might even have this done before August. There’s been some mixed reviews, but I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far.

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid || Nov 1st – A sci-fi/fantasy about a humanoid girl, Nemesis, who was created to protect a senator’s daughter. A crazy emperor wants the daughter as a hostage so Nemesis pretends to be her and takes her place. It’s got mostly positive reviews so far and it’s actually a standalone which is super rare in the fantasy genre so fingers crossed.

Stealing Snow by Danielle Page || Oct 6th – I still can’t believe I have an ARC of this. I feel so cool. I love Netgalley. I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of this, but it’s a retelling of the Snow Queen (not to be confused with Snow White, think Frozen). I loved Dorothy Must Die which Danielle Page also wrote (I need to read the rest of the series though) and I find the concept really interesting so hopefully this will be good!!

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter || Sept 20th – Another one that I think a lot of people have heard of. This based on a Russian folktale called “Vassilissa the Beautiful” and also mentions Baba Yaga. I’m currently reading this now and I haven’t really been able to connect with it just yet, but hopefully that’ll change. It’s definitely been really unique!

Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig Iron Cast by Destiny Soria Black Flowers, White Lies by Yvonne Ventresca

Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig || Oct 4th – I think I’ll definitely be reading this because it’s a YA thriller which is my favourite thing ever and it’s LGBT+. It’s all about a guy whose girlfriend goes missing and he tries to undercover the truth.

Iron Cast by Destiny Soria || Oct 11th – A historical that’s set in 1919 Boston. Two girls that have “afflicted blood” can create illusions and they work at a club. During the day they con elite member’s of Boston. Something goes wrong and one of the girls is imprisoned. They manage to escape, but then things get even more complicated and they have to hunt for answers. It sounds suuuuper interesting!! And ngl, I’m in love with the cover.

Black Flowers, White Lies by Yvonne Ventresca || Oct 4th – Another YA thriller that is about a girl trying to figure out the circumstances of her father’s death. Strange things start happening around her and she’s not sure if it’s something supernatural or if it’s just all in her head. It sounded quiet psychological and I’m always up for books with these themes.

I would love to hear any thoughts you have on the ARCs I need to read! Do you want to read any of these? If you also have ARCs of these or are participating in ARC August let me know!!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day xx


42 thoughts on “I Need To Be Banned From Netgalley // ARC August

  1. These are some great ARCs though! I try not to take on more than one ARC a month because otherwise I just feel obligated and I prefer my reading to be out of enjoyment not obligation.


    1. I’m definitely excited to read them!! Aw, yeah that’s completely understandable 😊 It’s why I never force myself to read an ARC if I’m not feeling it. I’ve developed quite a backlist though so hopefully I’ll be in the right mood and can knock some off my TBR!


  2. I’m so with you. I went ahead and requested a bunch of ARCs thinking I’d be lucky to get approved for one or two and got all 8. Now I’m like okay I better start reading them. I wasn’t planning to do ARC August, but I think I have to now. I haven’t heard of these books, but now I need to go check them out on Goodreads. 😊

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  3. So jealous you have ARCs of The Diabolic and Vassa in the Night! Those are some of my most anticipated books this year! I can’t wait for your reviews on them and I hope you enjoy them! 🙂


  4. I should be almost done with my pending ARCs next week, so I can’t take part in this! My TBR is full of amazing books, so I haven’t been tempted to request any more from NetGalley. You have some great titles gathered here, though! Good luck with it! 😀


  5. So jealous of Stealing Snow! The first day it was on NetGalley I requested it, and I got denied. And I hate seeing a bigger denied to approved ratio, so I’m going to wait until the two I have are done (though I don’t ever let my feedback score drop under 90%, it’s probably because I’m still relatively new to all this). I’ll be more than happy to read some with you as soon as my two are read!
    (I’ve been there before btw: I have RaRs I do for a group on Goodreads, plus I’m on NetGalley and have people ask me to read their books for more reviews…it DOES get overwhelming).
    I’m here if you need to vent!! 🙂


    1. I was lucky enough to have Stealing Snow be put up by a UK/Aus publisher! My ratio is currently 88% haha. I’ve read two books on my shelf though and am just waiting closer to the release date to send the reviews so hopefully that’ll help boost it back up to the 90%.

      Ahh, yeah! I have some self-published books I need to get to too 😂 Hopefully, soon.

      Aww! Thank youuu ♥

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      1. 88% is good! Especially with the amount of books you have to read! Wow!
        Btw, it will feel really good and like you accomplished something every time you get one off your shelf. I use my Goodreads Book Challenge to motivate me (though I surpassed my goal, I like seeing how much more I can surpass it). I know you can do this.
        If you ever have a book you have to have read, I volunteer to buddy read it with you if I have it, too! It’ll be fun! 🙂
        Good luck on the ARCs and ttyl!


      2. Ooh, we can use emojis in the comments? (I just saw yours in the comment!)
        Now I can give you a 👍🏻 and a 🙏🏻 and a ⭐️! Because you are so 😎 cool.
        🤓 <– That's me. A nerd.


  6. Ohh I can’t wait for Vassa in the Night, I really hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to see your review.
    I got an ARC for Stealing Snow as well and I can’t wait to get started on it 🙂 I also really enjoyed Dorothy Must Die so I’m excited to see what else the author has come up with. I do love fairytale retellings although for some reason I keep thinking this is a Snow White one! :/ I’m glad it’s not, there are loads of Snow White retellings and not many Snow Queen ones out there! 😀


    1. Thanks!! It’s definitely been really unique so far.

      Yay!!! I was so happy when I saw that the UK/Aus Bloomsbury put it up for request. I thought it was a Snow White retelling when I first heard about it ages ago which made me a bit hesitant because I’m not the biggest Snow White fan, but then I learnt on BookTube that it was actually about the Snow Queen so I became a lot more interested. I hope we both enjoy it!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In that case I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, it will probably influence how quickly I get my hands on it once it’s released! 😀
        Same here, I saw the US copy and kept looking for the UK one to be put up on NetGalley, I was so thrilled when I saw I’d been approved for it as well. Honestly I love all fairytale retellings but there are a lot of Snow White ones already out there, and I do love the original Snow Queen story so that’s a plus! 🙂


  7. I would be a very very sad reader if I got banned from Netgalley. LOL

    Of the ones you’ve listed, I have Vassa in the Night to read, was declined for Stealing Snow (too many requests) and The Diabolic is stuck in pendings which I’m losing hope for since a lot of others are getting copies of it. Will have to keep an eye out and see what you think of those two.


    1. Haha!!! I feel like I need to be because I’m such an inconsistent mood reader 😂

      Vassa in the Night has been really unique so far. I’m having a bit of trouble connecting to it, but hopefully it’ll get better. I was fortunate enough to have the UK/Aus Bloomsbury put up Stealing Snow and the Aus Simon & Schuester to put up The Diabolic which is weird because normally being in Aus means I miss out on a lot of the ARCs 😂.

      I’ll definitely have reviews up for all of them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m in the US so there’s probably a lot more available to me but that also comes with a lot more competition on the popular ones. I tell myself I can’t complain too much when I miss one because I’m also always saying I have too many and need to slow down my requesting. LOL


  8. OMG Lauren. You’ve got SO MANY ARCs waiting to be read! I have two currently that I need to write a review for and I’m already dying because I feel like I’m behind, so I haven’t requested anything else.

    Hope you enjoy Last Seen Leaving – I had an ARC of that one as well and while it’s not THE BEST THING EVER it was a fun and quick read. I did think that the beginning was stronger than the second half of the book, but we’ll see how you feel. 😛


    1. Haha, I’m soooo bad. I’m such an inconsistent reader with zero self control. I actually have some more that aren’t listed here 😂😂

      Aw, thank you! It’s good to see that you liked it. I think I’ll enjoy it because I’m so weak for YA thrillers.


      1. LOLOL I had to control myself – I think having too many books that I HAVE TO read stresses me out. 😛

        Yeeep. I wouldn’t stay it’s the best thriller ever, but it was quite enjoyable, and the writing is easy to read!


  9. I’ve had my eye on Last Seen Leaving for a while now- thrillers are some of my favorite books to read during the summer months (I’m kinda weird.) Also, I totally get how awesome it feels to have an ARC of a popular book. When I was approved for Nevernight, I genuinely couldn’t understand how it happened. XD Good luck to you for ARC August. ❤

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks


    1. Haha, no! I love that! I’m all about Thrillers/Horrors.

      Yess. I got approved for Replica too which I’ve already read and I felt so relevant, haha. And ahh that’s so cool!! I’m so excited to read Nevernight! I think I saw your review for it on Goodreads and you gave it 2 stars – sorry you didn’t enjoy it. I’ve seen a couple mixed reviews lately so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it.


  10. I would have a panic attack if I had that many ARCs to read. Good luck. x)

    The last book I requested from NetGalley was in April and I STILL haven’t read or reviewed it so I’m scared to request any more because I don’t want to be rejected and lower my reviewing ration even further. Also, I kind of hate how eGalleys look on my Kindle so sometimes it’s not very fun to read them due to horrible formatting issues. I don’t know if it’s just me or others experience the formatting issues as much as I do, but it’s a huge turn off.

    Ngl, I am also in love with The Iron Cast cover. I’ve seen that book around before and was wondering what it was about. It looks really good!

    I am definitely not joining Arc August, though I considered it when I heard about it.


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