Waiting on Wednesday: #3


“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

I feel like I haven’t done a WoW in ages, which makes no sense because I only missed one week, but whatever. I felt like doing one so here we are!

If you haven’t read the first book in The Merciless series then there may be some minor spoilers! Also, go read The Merciless because it’s amazing.

The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores

The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores (The Merciless #2) by Danielle Vega
Expected Publication: July 5th

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Danielle Vega—YA’s answer to Stephen King—once again brings major scares in the spine-tingling sequel to horror hit The Merciless, which MTV calls “Mean Girls meets The Exorcist.”

Sofia is still processing the horrific truth of what happened when she and three friends performed an exorcism that spiraled horribly out of control. Ever since that night, Sofia has been haunted by bloody and demonic visions. Her therapist says they’re all in her head, but to Sofia they feel chillingly real. She just wants to get out of town, start fresh someplace else . . . until her mother dies suddenly, and Sofia gets her wish.

Sofia is sent to St. Mary’s, a creepy Catholic boarding school in Mississippi. There, seemingly everyone is doing penance for something, most of all the mysterious Jude, for whom Sofia can’t help feeling an unshakeable attraction. But when Sofia and Jude confide in each other about their pasts, something flips in him. He becomes convinced that Sofia is possessed by the devil. . . . Is an exorcism the only way to save her eternal soul?

Readers won’t be able to look away from this terrifying read full of twists and turns that will leave them wondering, Is there evil in all of us?

Okay, so I didn’t even know The Merciless was getting a sequel until a couple of weeks ago when I found it on Goodreads. I proceeded to have a similar reaction to when I found out about the first book in the series. It was pretty much this:

excited celebration exciting celebrate oprah

I was so happy when I found about The Merciless because horror is my favourite genre and I feel like not enough of it exists in YA and I haven’t quiet been able to get into Adult horror fiction as much as I’d like (I’m trying!). Then, Danielle created The Merciless and it’s like she looked inside my weird mind and decided to write a book about everything I ever wanted and more. It’s so cool seeing a woman write kick ass horror too.

The ending of The Merciless drove me crazy. I won’t say what happened, but oh my god. I had to force myself not to throw my Kindle across the room. I feel like whilst it didn’t necessarily need a sequel it getting one isn’t a bad thing. I’m hoping it’ll answer some questions from the first book, but then knowing Danielle it’ll end with some crazy plot twist that will again make me want to throw my Kindle across the room. And that’s why I love her and her books.

I’m excited to read more about Sofia because I loved her and really wanted to get to know her more in the first book. PLUS A CREEPY BOARDING SCHOOL! What more could you want? I am so, so excited to see what creepy twists and turns Danielle creates in The Merciless II.

What book are you most excited  for? Link me to your Waiting on Wednesday post if you have one!!


22 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: #3

    1. Oh wow, that’s so awesome! I’d love to own a physical copy, it looks so pretty. It was super creepy. There was one scene that I found so hard to read. I didn’t find it as disturbing as most people, but that’s only because I’m desensitised to a lot of horror because of how much I’ve watched/read, but that said the concept is really scary.


  1. I don’t primarily read horror but I do enjoy reading some during the year and Mean Girls meet Exorcist is definitely tempting! I shall go and look up no.1.
    Lynn 😀


  2. Oh I had no idea there was going to be a sequel to this. I will have to read the first one then! It looks great. I hope you enjoy this one when you get to read it. 🙂


  3. Ohh great pick but I am really a chicken when it comes with books that have exorcism in them. I am really scare about exorcism that I literally don’t watch the Spanish news no more because they always throw an exorcism in there. Plus I am a huge horror movie buff and book fan but I don’t watch no movie that has any exorcism in them nope that is just too disturbing for me to watch even though I love horror movies. ha lol. I hope you do enjoy this book when you get a chance too read it! Thanks for the awesome post!


    1. Thank you! Oh wow, that’s so interesting about the news. Things like that are never talked about here. I can deal with exorcisms, but only if I know it’s not real so in a book/movie/tv show. I can’t bring myself to watch any real life cases of ones because that really freaks me out. I enjoy watching all those Top 5 strange/horror things on YouTube, but whenever they show exorcism or possession footage I’m like “nope!!!” haha.


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