BOOK TAG: Totally Should’ve…

tsI was tagged by blackcatkai! Thanks so much ❤

The Totally Should’ve Book Tag was created by emmabooks and you can see her original video here. Basically there’s a list of “totally should’ve…” scenarios and I choose books that I think best fit them!

Totally Should’ve… Gotten A Sequel 


This is cheating, kind of, because this is the second book in the duology but I feel like a third book is really needed? There were so many unanswered questions left in the second book. I know it’s a horror so that’s to be expected, but I just nEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO CERTAIN PEOPLE! And I feel like nothing was resolved.

Totally Should’ve… Gotten A Spin-Off Series


I know the story pretty much got wrapped in Girl of Nightmares, but I just NEED MORE. I loved the friendship dynamic between Cas, Carmel and Thomas so much. Surely there has to be more ghosts out there, right? GIVE MORE KENDARE PLEASE.

Totally Should’ve… Ended Differently


I know this series has a lot of mixed reviews, but I LOVED it. Until the last few chapters of this book. It tainted a lot of the series for me. I can’t say too much because it gives away major spoilers and a lot of people seemed to not care about the certain thing that happened, but I am still so angry.

Totally Should’ve… Had A Film Franchise/TV Show 

EVERYTHING I’VE READ AND CAN THINK OF IS ALREADY IN PLANS TO BE MADE INTO A MOVIE. I’m sure there’s a ton of books that I want to read that should be a film series, but I can’t really say until I’ve actually read them. So I’m combining these two questions.


Um. YES PLEASE? This would be so amazing. I could see it kind of being like Supergirl. I NEED A MOVIE OR A TV SHOW OR SOMETHING PLEASE MARVEL.

Totally Should’ve… Had One Point Of View

Oops I’m cheating again, but I actually love multi-povs book and I can’t think of one I haven’t liked yet.

Totally Should’ve… Had A Cover Change


Totally Should’ve… Stopped Reading


CONTROVERSIAL!!!!! I did not like this book AT ALL. I gave it 3 stars but only because I had one small moment of empathy for Amy and Gillian at least deserved some credit for making you feel for a total psychopath. However, the more I think about it I feel like I should have just stuck with my initial 2 stars. I was so excited to read it because everyone was saying it was “The Thriller of the Year” and you know I’m about that life, but I read this and….. No. It was so predictable. I actually read it pretty quickly and I enjoyed some small parts of it but everyone in this book drove me crazy. I honestly would not have cared if they all murdered each other because at least then they would have shut up. I HATED THE ENDING. It made me wish I could go back in time so I could tell myself not to read this. HOWEVER, I really enjoyed the movie… And I’m still going to read Gillian’s other work because hopefully I’ll like those better.

Totally Should’ve… Kept The Covers

8235178 10345927


15761655 1358679110345937

Totally Shouldn’t… Have Pre-Judged 


I put off reading this book for so long because 1) I was spoiled and 2) it had so much hype I was worried I would hate it. Everyone talked about how emotional it was and I was like “how bad can it be, really…” I decided to read it on a bus trip and hahahahaha. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS. I was crying so much one woman behind me actually asked if I was okay. I know there’s a lot of mixed things about John Green and I am not really a contemporary/romance-ish fan, but this book really was amazing and I shouldn’t have judged it. I’m sorry, TFIOS.


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Only if you want to of course! If you’ve done this already, apologies ❤

Also, I think I’ll be combining my Stacking The Shelves/Sunday Post because I’m currently on a paranormal investigation and have no idea when I’ll be getting home. This post is scheduled (first time using it so I hope it works omg), but I didn’t have time to finish the STS post.

24 thoughts on “BOOK TAG: Totally Should’ve…

  1. Hello yes to Ms. Marvel!! I love Kamala 😀 It’d be such a great show or movie franchise. I could be so down for this.

    I like how we both cheated with our sequel choices. ♡♡

    Great post! 😀


  2. ACH, thank you for the tag! SOOPAH excited to do this one! (also, I tagged YOU in a tag earlier, hopefully you catch it. hint hint.)

    I agree with you on the Across the Universe covers. While I don’t MIND the new covers (I mean, they’re still pretty gorgeous IMO)…I ADORE the original ones and would looooove to have seen that last in the same style. Alas, so it goes in the book world right? XD


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